10 Creative Hacks for Your Push Notification Campaigns

Pick up these creative push campaign hacks to make your push notifications stand out and engage with your subscribers better.

Every day, we see top Shopify stores crafting unique push notifications to send to their customers. These stores experiment with different ideas, implement creative tactics and analyze how these changes affect the way that their push notifications perform.

By pushing the envelope and trying new tactics with their push notifications, stores have a better chance of grabbing their subscribers’ attention.

Want your push notifications to stand out? All it needs is a little creativity!

We’ve rounded up 10 creative hacks that you can use in your push campaigns to help you start out with your subscribers.

1. Craft a Sequence of Teaser Notifications

One of the best marketing tactics that brands use to launch a new product is by teasing the product until release. From a jumbled puzzle of the product image to hosting polls on what the product could be, many brands do a wonderful job at revealing new products and creating a hype around it. If you’re launching a new product on your store, craft a set of 3 notifications that tease the launch and build suspense around it.

Pro tip: Link these teaser notifications to a sign-up page to allow your subscribers to receive an email when the product launches.

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2. Allow more interaction with buttons

Give your customers more options and increase your click-through rates by crafting notifications with multiple choices by using both buttons. With this, you can also understand your subscribers and their behavior and what they prefer to purchase.

One perfect example is how Arteza sends notifications allowing their subscribers to pick the collection they want to browse based on the kind of paints and painting tools they prefer.

Pro tip: Link the buttons to two different collections. Your primary link can direct subscribers to the collections page where they can choose the collection they prefer.

3. Give customers insights about your products

How do you leave a lasting impression on your customers? Send a push notification to your new purchasers with value-adding information about using the product that they bought from you.

If you’re a Sporting Goods store, you could send a notification that recommends subscribers on which product to use for certain sports like jogging or cycling. If you’re a fashion store, it makes sense to share a Youtube video on styling clothes while sharing a video on how to safely store makeup would be a great way for cosmetics stores to connect with their customers.

Pro tip: You can do this either by setting up a workflow on Shopify Flow or use the Segmentation feature to send a campaign specifically for purchasers.

4. Create a series of notifications that provide value

Besides promoting your store, you can use push notifications to send messages that provide value or give your subscribers something to think about.

As a cosmetic brand, you could share tips on how to have blemish-free skin. Nutrition and fitness stores might be inclined to send motivational quotes. If you sell organic beverages, sharing the benefits that your drinks provide can help to add credibility in your products.

Pro tip: Repurpose existing content on your blog or social media into a push notification series. You can link these notifications back to your blog posts.

5. Turn your emails into push notifications

Make the most of your promotions by reusing them on multiple channels. Your push notification subscribers may not have opted in for your emails but by repurposing your promotions, you can ensure that your audiences across different platforms are aware of any offers you have in store.

Pro tip: When designing images for your newsletter, you can save time by recreating the images according to the hero image guidelines for your push notifications.

turn emails into notifications- Proozy6. Change your store icon to the hero image

Certain stores prefer that all their subscribers- Windows, Mac and otherwise- see their hero images. It’s understandable- pictures speak louder than words. But, since Mac browsers and Firefox don’t show hero images, how do you ensure your subscribers see your images? We’ve found a workaround.

Some of the smartest stores use this hack to cater to every subscriber in their list, and it works! To give your images high visibility, change your store icon to the hero image (square dimensions). Since store icons are seen on every device and browser, you can be sure that even subscribers on Mac will know what you’re selling. Tiger Mist commonly uses this hack to ensure all their subscribers see their product image.

Pro tip: You can change the store icon under Settings on your PushOwl dashboard. Don’t forget to change the dimensions of the image to 192 x 192 pixels.

There’s another way you can do this. You can use the Segmentation feature to send 3 different campaigns based on device segments, allowing you to customize it based on how each device shows the notification. Read more about Segmentation to make your campaigns more effective.

7. Use influencers to communicate with your push notifications

Social media takeovers are common but how can you make the most of these partnerships? Repurpose the content that your influencers are creating on your social media platforms into push notifications. You can send these notifications over a period of 3 days or a week, depending on the frequency that works for you.

Pro tip: Create a collection on your store with the influencer’s favorite products.

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8. Share User-Generated Content

Customers love seeing themselves in the brands they shop from. Instead of creating hero images from scratch, you can use customer-generated images. Use pictures that customers post within product reviews and on social media to send out notifications that mold an authentic image of your brand. If you’re collecting these images from social media, don’t forget to ask your customers for permission before using them.

Pro tip: Use apps like Loox Reviews to collect photo reviews that you can repurpose into hero images for notifications.

9. Countdown to Sales and Events

Amplify your events and store sales by sending a push notification a few hours prior to the launch. Keep your subscribers informed beforehand by sending a push notification counting down to the sale and creating a buzz around the massive discounts that they can expect from the sale. Be sure to share the coupon code so that subscribers can be ready to shop when the sale drops.

If you have an event, you can send a sequence of 3 notifications informing your subscribers what the event is, what goodies they can grab and any other enticing offers you have to build hype.

Pro tip: Create a shareable discount link so that subscribers can easily hold onto the relevant information.

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10. Replace words with emojis

Character limits mean that you have to get very creative in conveying a lot in very few words. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on what you want to say. Add some color to your notification while dodging character limits by replacing a word with an emoji.

Pro tip: Don’t overuse emojis since customers are likely to get distracted and dismiss the promotion altogether. Instead, keep a limit of one or two emojis per notification.

Have these creative ideas given you enough ammunition for a killer push campaign? Let us know what creative tricks you use to add some frills to your push notifications or personalize it for your brand.