Do you ever look forward to emails sent by a store?

They could be selling foot cream but, they could never bore you because they never say the same thing twice.

So, what makes their email marketing a hit?

Because it’s not about their products.

It’s about variety.

If a store sent promotions only about their new arrivals or about their latest sale, customers would eventually lose interest. By sending different types of emails, you can make your customer click through to your store and even make them look forward to your promotions.

Your push notification campaigns are no different. If your subscribers keep receiving the same promotion every few days, they will stop engaging or god forbid, block your notifications altogether!

push notification campaigns 1

Experiment with the promotions you send, push notifications and otherwise, and craft notifications beyond the good old flash sales and product launches. Some types of notifications may work better than others. By trying them all out, you can identify the ones that perform best and make them a part of your marketing strategy.

We’ll help you get started. To plan a robust set of campaigns and master your push notification game, we’ve listed the different push notification campaigns that you can send to your subscribers.

1. Flash Sale

One of the most popular campaigns sent using push notifications is a Flash Sale promotion. Send notifications about your flash sale to make subscribers act fast and grab your discounts instantly. A Flash Sale campaign is best suited for time-bound sales, like during Black Friday weekend.

push notification campaigns - flash sale

‍Pro Tip:

PushOwl has a nifty ‘Do a Flash Sale’ feature that allows you to put an expiry date on your campaign. Easily run time-sensitive offers on your store and send notifications about it for a specific amount of time.

push notification campaigns - flash sale 2

2. Product Launch

Launching a new product comes with a dozen ideas to market it. Use push notifications to send crisp and catchy promotional messages about your new product.

push notification campaigns - launch

Pro tip:

Make a sequence of campaigns to launch the product. You can tease the release of a new product in your first campaign, letting subscribers know that they can sign up to be notified of its launch. Hint about the features and announce a countdown in the second one. Finally, you can introduce the product in your third campaign.

push notification campaigns - launch 2

3. Product Promotion

Just like the promotional emails you send about your popular and featured products, craft push notifications that highlight particular products to directly reach your subscribers and increase its sales.

push notification campaigns - promotion

Pro tip:

Phrase your copy like an ad. Point out the reasons this product is worth a buy. To do this, you can describe the product using bold, catchy words and talk about what makes it special.

push notification campaigns - promotion 2

4. Engaging Non-Purchasers

Many of your subscribers would be one-time visitors who have never purchased from your store. By sending promotions specific to this audience, you can successfully turn them into a customer.

push notification campaigns - engage

Read this article about Segmentation to learn more about the feature.

Pro tip:

A surefire way to get more conversions is to send a discount code that subscribers can avail with their first order.

push notification campaigns - engage 2

5. Engaging Customers

‍Bringing back an old customer has more returns than taking the trouble to acquire new customers. Tap into this benefit by creating segments that consist of customers who have purchased from your store at least once and send them exclusive promotions that compel them to revisit your store.

push notification campaigns - customer engage

Pro tip:

Make your customers feel special. Show your love and gratitude towards them by sending notifications that offer them a customer discount or with a simple thank you for being a regular customer.

push notification campaigns - customer engage 1

6. Event or Holiday Focused

Stay topical by sending promotions related to upcoming events and holidays. Sending push notifications during festive holidays, like Christmas or Easter sales, is common. Make your promotions interesting by sending campaigns about monthly challenges related to your store’s industry like ‘No Shave November.’

Pro tip:

Send discounts along with your holiday campaigns to make the offer sweeter for customers.


7. Back in Stock

You may find that your store gets numerous requests for certain popular products. So, sending push campaigns about just that products is a great way to increase subscribers’ interest.

campaigns - back in stock

Pro tip:

Not every product that goes out-of-stock needs to be turned into a promotion. PushOwl has integrated with apps like Now-Back in-Stock to let visitors subscribe to out-of-stock products so that they can be alerted when the product is back in stock.

campaigns - back in stock 1

8. Price Drop

Some stores prefer to send promotional messages when the price of the best selling product drops. As a store owner, you can select which products you want to give a special shoutout about to all your subscribers.

campaings - price drop

Pro tip:

Send price drop campaigns for special and popular products only. For specific price drops, you can enable the Price Drop feature on the PushOwl dashboard. This automated feature allows visitors to subscribe to be notified for price drops they are interested in. When the price drops, the subscriber is immediately notified. Read about the price drop automation in our Help Centre.

campaigns - price drop 1

9. Special / Limited Edition

Do you sell special or limited edition items? Put them in the spotlight by sending promotions and featuring them as long as stocks last.

campaigns special edition

Pro tip:

Write the copy by describing the product with words that imply that it is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive item.

campaigns special edition 1

10. Buy more, Save more

Want to turn curious visitors into customers? ‘Buy More, Save More’ is a great promotion to bait your subscribers to purchase from your store. While this is not a common promotion, it is effective in driving sales for your store.

campaigns - buy more

Pro tip:

Don’t overuse this tactic. Put this to use only if you are having a clearance sale.

campaings buy more 1

11. Product Advise / Hacks

The best marketing strategy aims to add value to the customer. Send promotions that give customers benefits and tips on how they can best use your products.


Pro tip:

Take bite-sized content from your blog and reuse it in your push campaign to give subscribers more value through your promotions.


12. Testimonials

Prove your credibility by sending push notifications with a quote from a review left by a customer. These notifications can show how your product has helped customers and urge subscribers to shop from you.

campaigns - testimonials

Pro tip:

Pick generic reviews which reflect how your store has helped the customers to vouch for your credibility.

campaigns - testimonials 1

13. Social Media Engagement

Increase engagement on social media by sharing your posts as push notifications. This also allows you to send your existing content to a different set of audience. Identify your well-performing posts and share those as push notifications.

campaigns social media

Pro tip:

Make sure that you aren’t spamming your subscribers. You can do this by sharing only posts that you want your subscribers to engage with. These can also be posts that will make your push subscribers start following you on social media.

campaigns social media 1

These are just 13 types of campaigns in the sea of promotional marketing ideas.

If you want to explore and try different types of campaigns, we would suggest that you look at promotions sent using email.

Take these ideas and apply them to your push marketing.