3 Insights From Blend Commerce’s Webinar on Managing Pet Store Growth

Blend Commerce recently hosted a webinar to help pet stores grow in a strategic manner. The webinar included insights into how pet brands can use analytics, communicate with customers and essential tactics they can enable to grow their business.

The webinar had many key takeaways that are sure to help pet brands grow their business. You can view the entire webinar here.

From this information-packed webinar, here are 3 insights for your pet store to manage your growth and ensure higher success.

3 Insights on Managing Pet Store Growth from Blend Commerce

1. Increase Returning User – Loyalty Programs

When setting up a loyalty program, you don’t always have to discount to make it successful. Your shoppers would be okay with higher prices since they would be more interested in the quality of products rather than saving on price. So, it’s crucial to use discounting carefully and based on data from your loyalty program.

Instead, start by understanding what the customer cares about. Is it their dog, pet charities, bringing knowledgeable about how to look after their pet?

Here’s an example of a great loyalty program by Edgard Cooper.

Blend Commerce

Here are some tactic to enable within your loyalty program:

  • Add a limit to the number of loyalty rewards that shoppers can redeem per order.
  • Allow shoppers to give back to charities using the rewards.
  • Use LoyaltyLion to set up a flexible and customized rewards program.

You can see how successful such a program would be on your store by using LoyaltyLion’s results calculator.

2. Restrategizing paid ads

Your paid ads are categorized between acquisition, retargeting, and retention. If you are a beginner, Blend recommends splitting your ad budget between these different kinds of ads.

However, right now, it’s best to focus your ads on remarketing and retention, rather than acquisition. Since customers are more likely to return to a store they previously bought from or previously visited, your cost of bringing back these past customers is easier than acquiring a new one.

3. Using SMS as a communication channel

Over the past few weeks, more brands are using SMS. According to SMSBump, 50% more sent messages compared to the month before. Blend Commerce has seen 5% ROI on SMS marketing.

Using SMSBump, you can set up an SMS flow to send your shoppers a personalized and interactive SMS. For instance, you can ask shoppers to text ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’ to understand how the shopper’s pet weighs. Shoppers will then receive an SMS related to the response they gave. 

Watch the entire webinar!

These are just 3 key insights from the 2-hour long webinar. It was packed with statistics, actionables, and tools to help pet store owners understand the exact recipe for success.

Watch the webinar now!

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