5 Free Push Notification Templates To Ace Your Abandoned Cart Reminders

Forgotten. Waiting for hours and hours.

The pain is real.

We’re talking about abandoned carts.

But, these days, with recovery tools like abandoned cart emails and notifications, it’s easier for store owners to lure back visitors and complete the purchase. Especially with push notifications, the conversion numbers are shocking! Unlike email, push notifications deliver the reminder instantly and take only seconds to read. Setting up abandoned cart notifications is simpler than ever.

The most important part of your abandoned cart reminder is learning what kind of copy and tactic works best for your customers. Setting up this abandoned cart sequence comes with some trial-and-error. Some stores find success in humorous reminders, while other stores use discount ladders to turn that abandoned cart into a purchase.

In this post, we’re talking about a few tried-and-proven tactics to help you get started with abandoned cart reminders:

1. Discount Ladder

Offering discounts to customers when they abandon their cart is a common tactic. But, you end up compromising on your profit margins.

Instead of giving away your maximum discount on the first reminder, you can stagger it in a discount ladder. A discount ladder allows you to slowly introduce an incentive to your shoppers in case they don’t check out on the first reminder.

Here’s how you do it:

  • First reminder – don’t offer any discount. Certain visitors might merely be distracted while shopping and fully intend to purchase from your store. For them, a simple reminder without any discount will get the job done.
  • Second reminder – 5% discount. If a reminder doesn’t do the job, some others are likely to take the bait with a small discount.
  • Third reminder – 10% discount. Still nothing? Go all out with 10% to convert the rest of the stragglers.
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This way, you can maximize your conversions as well as your revenue.

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2. Offer Free Shipping

It’s no surprise that shoppers hate shipping fees. According to Baymard Institute, 61% reported abandoning a purchase due to an extra cost such as shipping fees. Many of your abandoned cart problems could be solved by offering these visitors free shipping.

Here’s how the sequence would look:

  • First reminder – a reminder about the product. The first notification would serve as a reminder to visitors who genuinely forgot to complete the purchase. It’s best to hold off the free shipping offer till the second reminder.
  • Second reminder – incentivize the shopper with free shipping. Nudge visitors to check out by offering them free shipping on their cart. You can either give them free shipping without any strings attached or offer free shipping if the visitors shops for a particular amount.
  • Third reminder – repeat your free shipping offer. If they haven’t been compelled to get the product by the second reminder, create urgency in your offer!
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3. Create Urgency

We all know how effective certain words can be in convincing us to make a purchase. We’re likely to purchase from a store if they have a ‘24 hour sale’ than if they have a 30% off sale.

Leverage this persuasive tactic by sending abandoned cart reminders that create urgency to complete the purchase. Putting a time limit like ‘4 hours left’ or using phrases like ‘last chance’ or ‘expires soon’ is a good way to give your visitors a nudge to check out.

Pro tip: The E-commerce Expert blog has listed a few words that you can try in your abandoned cart copy.

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4. Add Humor in Copy

Attract customers with copy that always works- humor! A pun or a clever phrasing can do the trick to make the customer chuckle and then nod as they click through to complete the purchase.

Pro tip: Use puns related to your niche. In the notifications below, you’ll notice that the copy is centered around bags, the product sold on the store.

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5. Compliment your Visitors

One way to write your reminder copy is to give your visitors a compliment about their choice while reminding them to complete their purchase. Reassuring and praising their choice is all the push they need to check out.

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Pro tip: Don’t compliment them in every reminder that you send. Just like a conversation, give them a compliment in one of your reminders.

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