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5 Ways to Generate More Sales with Your Thank You Page

Most eCommerce businesses don’t put much thought into their thank you page. It often serves simply to confirm the customer’s order. However, the truth is that your thank you page is a crucial moment in the buyer’s journey of your customers. Taking the time to optimize it properly can boost your bottom line significantly.

As much as 77% of shoppers state that they enjoy when brands show their appreciation. Thanking your customers for their purchase is the least you can do after they decide to buy from you.  This helps to make the customer feel better about the entire process, and will allow you to start building a relationship with them.

A lot of brands also use the thank you page as an opportunity to make customers feel that they’re now a part of a community. It’s the perfect place to not only develop a better relationship with your customers but also show off your brand’s personality.

However, showing your appreciation isn’t the only thing you can do on your thank you page. Before we go into the specific tactics you can use to generate more traffic, leads, and sales with this section of your website, let’s look at what makes an effective eCommerce thank you page.

The elements of an effective eCommerce thank you page

While there are many different layouts that you can use to create a thank you page, the most effective ones will always consist of three things: a confirmation message, a call-to-action (CTA), and instructions on next steps.

Confirmation message

Confirming that the customer’s transaction was completed is the most important task your thank you page needs to accomplish. It’s crucial that you’re clear about this. Otherwise, your customer might get confused or agitated, which could lead to customers developing a negative attitude towards your brand as well as filling up the inbox of your customer support email address.

Call-to-action (CTA)

Once you’ve shown your customer that their order has been received, it’s time to guide them to take the next step by including a call-to-action. Your CTA should be highly visible and the focus point of your thank you page.

The CTA is your opportunity to get more value out of your customers by encouraging them to take an action such as subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, or check out some of your other products or related content.

Instructions on next steps

While your CTA serves to prompt customers to take action, you still need to give them instructions on how they should do it.

For example, if you want customers to subscribe to your newsletter, give them specific instructions on how they can do this, and inform them about what they’ll need to do next (e.g., whitelist your email address, click the confirmation link in the welcome email, etc.).

Now that you understand the essentials of what a thank you page should contain, let’s look at specific tactics that you can use to generate more revenue from this page.

1) Answer customers’ concerns

One of the main things you should use the thank you page for is to reassure your customers and let them know that their transaction was completed. As soon as they complete a purchase, customers try to find reasons to justify their purchase and feel good about it. Your thank you page should help them do that.

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With as much as 50% of shoppers feeling buyer’s remorse after completing a purchase, it’s crucial that you make customers feel good about their purchase. Letting customers know why making a purchase with you was a good decision will prevent buyer’s remorse, reduce the amount of refund requests you get, as well as make it more likely that customers will decide to buy from you again.

You can make customers feel better about their purchase by including various types of trust signals (such as reviews, testimonials, or your social media follower count) on your thank you page.

2) Ask for feedback

The thank you page is the best place to learn more about your customers and the experience they’ve had buying from you. Getting customer feedback is crucial for improving the way shoppers feel about your brand and the way they interact with your website and your products.

With 67% of shoppers stating that they would pay more if they were provided with a great customer experience, gathering and acting on customer feedback is a must for eCommerce business that want to increase their revenue.

Customer feedback can help you understand what your customers’ goals and challenges are and allow you to create highly-specific and effective messaging.



When asking for feedback, you should try to find out if there was anything that made the customers’ purchasing experience difficult or irritating and then try to remedy that as soon as possible.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask:

  • How did you hear about our website?
  • What convinced you to purchase from us?
  • Did you have any difficulties during the checkout process?
  • Is there anything that we could do to improve our online store?

Keep your survey short and make sure only to ask questions that customers will be able to answer quickly and easily.

ReConvert is a thank you page builder that allows you to create post-purchase surveys quickly and easily. Unlike traditional post-purchase survey apps, ReConvert adds your customer survey to the thank you page rather than sending it to your customer via email. This increases the chances of customers filling out your survey straight away instead of having it lost among the dozens of other emails in their inbox.

3) Generate social media activity

The thank you page can also be used to point customers to your social media channels. Giving customers the opportunity to connect with you on social media is especially important, since following your social pages is a form of micro-commitment which gets customers closer to your brand and helps to strengthen the relationship you have with them.

Additionally, someone who has just purchased from you is far more likely to follow you on social media, so the post-purchase thank you page is the perfect place to ask customers to connect.



Apart from asking customers to follow you on social media, you might also want to encourage them to share their purchase with their own followers. Studies have shown that people are as much as four times more likely to buy from a business if it was recommended to them by a friend.

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Letting customers share their order on social media will enable you to improve the average ROI of a conversion by allowing you to generate more traffic and leads from each purchase.

Consider creating and offering a pre-made message that customers can use to share their purchase on social media. This will make the sharing process easier for them, increasing the chances that they will go through with sharing the purchase with their followers.

4) Offer a discount

Offering discounts on your thank you page is an excellent way to encourage customers to purchase from you again. In fact, as much as 75% of shoppers expect discounts from brands. An attractive discount can help you increase your average order value as well as the number of repeat purchases each customer makes.



You can combine the discount with a condition such as subscribing to your newsletter to generate subscribers as well. Make sure to put an expiry date on the discount to create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). With ReConvert, you can set up a pop-up with a discount and a timer that will get your customers back to shopping as soon as possible.

You can generate even more leads from this tactic by giving customers an additional discount code that they can share with their friends.


Additionally, you can use web push notifications to show special offers to your customers by using an app such as PushOwl. Having customers subscribe to your push notifications will also enable you to remarket to them again and again at a very affordable rate.

5) Upsell or Cross-sell products

Finally, you can use the thank you page to upsell and cross-sell customers and drive them to make another purchase. Amazon understands this quite well, since as much as 35% of their orders are generated through upselling and cross-selling.



The reason why upselling and cross-selling work particularly well on thank you pages is because you’re promoting your products to people who’ve already expressed interest in what you have to offer. You’ve also already stored their personal information, making it easier for them to complete another purchase.

You can show customers related products or items that are frequently bought alongside the products they ordered. An even more advanced tactic would be to show them products that they’ve previously looked at but haven’t purchased.

Generate more sales with your thank you page

Most eCommerce businesses forget about their thank you page when looking to generate more conversions. Taking the time to create an effective thank you page can help you learn more about your customers, develop a more meaningful relationship with them, as well as attract new customers and sales.

Experiment with using surveys, social media buttons, discounts, and product recommendations on your thank you page and see how these can affect your online store’s revenue. The important thing is to keep your customers’ needs and wants in mind throughout the entire process.

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This guest post was contributed by Boris. He is a writer and marketing consultant with a decade of experience working in various digital marketing roles. He specializes in helping eCommerce businesses and SaaS companies develop and execute marketing strategies that focus on growth and customer retention. You can find more of his work on eCommerce on the StilyoApps blog.