5 Ways to Use SMS Marketing in Your Multi-Channel Marketing Mix

This blog is brought to you by our friends at SaveMySales – the only full-service human SMS marketing solution that acquires subscribers, sends messages, and replies back to shoppers. By combining AI with the world’s best live agents, they have created the most personal marketing channel ever for Shopify brands. From building subscriber lists to abandoned checkout recovery, SaveMySales knows the ins and outs of SMS marketing, making them the perfect partner to talk about SMS marketing supplementing your business’ marketing funnel.

Marketers understand the importance of being able to target customers with the right message at the right time. 

For modern marketers, SMS is an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing — especially in today’s e-commerce world where people are constantly on the move and on their mobile devices. In this article, we summarize the benefits of SMS marketing and how to effectively utilize it in your marketing mix.

1. SMS can support your email, social, and paid campaigns in real-time.

The average person checks their phone about every 12 minutes. That’s nearly 80 times a day.

This makes SMS (a.k.a. text message marketing) is perhaps the most direct, immediate channel to get in front of consumers with a 98% open rate and a 5x click rate compared to other channels (such as email marketing). Building an active SMS subscriber list can stop brands from missing out on potential conversions and engagement with customers.

Standalone SMS campaigns have a high ROI success rate, but they also have the ability to enhance and support other marketing channels, such as email, social, and paid ads. As mobile shopping increases, shoppers expect to receive offers and consultations through mobile messaging.

2. SMS can help you recover lost sales.

Merchants not utilizing SMS as part of a mobile marketing strategy are missing out on building direct relationships with customers and therefore – potentially sacrificing sales. 

A study found that 79.17% of shoppers abandon their cart. This means that you are losing out on major sales if you don’t have a strong abandoned cart and abandoned checkout recovery strategy in place.

Brands are utilizing SaveMySales’ abandoned checkout recovery feature to help solve this issue. After checkout is abandoned, your shopper will be texted by a live agent that can answer questions, remove barriers to purchasing, and assist in driving a conversion!

Don’t know what SaveMySales is? Don’t worry, we’ll cover it in our next point. 


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3. There’s a full-service SMS marketing solution available – SaveMySales.

50% of the SMS marketing messages that you send will result in a response, and your reply is crucial for a positive experience with your brand. 

That’s where SaveMySales comes in. Create less work for your team by letting their world-class team of live agents + AI respond to customers. After installing the SaveMySales Shopify App, get started by customizing your initial messages to shoppers, setting discount codes, and importing existing customer data for personalized campaigns.

4. SMS helps you better understand your customers.

SMS is personal. When you reach out to customers via text messages, there’s the added bonus that they can reach right back out to you. They love that. It’s personal.

You can also learn more about your customers purchasing behavior by studying the back-and-forth conversations. SaveMySales offers a dashboard showing customer conversations from which merchants can track trends like commonly asked questions or concerns that may be preventing shoppers from purchasing. This vital information can help you better optimize your e-commerce website for conversions.

5. SMS will increase customer engagement.

Although it may seem invasive to some brands, SMS marketing can actually help you directly build 1:1 relationships and trust with your customers. 

Whether you’re reminding customers of an upcoming sale, letting clients know about new offers, or simply sending quick notifications, you’re sending communications directly to the palm of your customer’s hand who can then reach right back out to you quickly to get any of their questions or concerns answered.

Shoppers appreciate messages that make them feel special, and especially when there are personalized responses from real humans that solves their barrier to purchasing. Whether they are casually browsing or back for their fifth purchase, shoppers are more likely to buy from people and brands they know.

Research indicates that 98% of text messages are read, which means that customers will open the SMS communications you send.

With this in mind, businesses are turning to SMS marketing as an increasingly essential channel as a direct line of communication to get in front of shoppers, recover lost sales, understand customers, and increase customer engagement. SMS can be used as part of a multi-channel strategy for engaging with customers at each stage of the purchasing channel to help increase conversions and ROI.