Everyone has a distinct voice.

Your friend from high school may be energetic and adventurous. One of your coworkers may have a bubbly and loving personality. You’ve surely had a class clown in your friend group. Your best friend is a reliable and comforting person who you can always lean on.

The most memorable brands have a voice too.

IKEA has a straightforward personality, no frills. Disney sounds whimsical and fun, full of imagination. Nike is a champion, inspiring and confident. Harley Davidson is bold, adventurous and independent.

If you want to become successful, you need to nail down a consistent tone that makes you memorable. With this article, we’re walking you through 7 tones that you can use to craft enticing copy for your push notifications.

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1. Empathetic and Reassuring

Being empathetic shows that you care. With this tone, you sound kind, nurturing, and compassionate.

push notifications voice 1.1

Lush emulates this to perfection.

They take self-love and self-care seriously. From their social media to their video stories, Lush always has a compassionate and warm tone. This is because empathy is their guiding principle.

push notifications voice 1

2. Unexpected and Witty

Brands that use this voice are typically easy-going. You can perfect this tone by exaggerating your copy and using eccentric words and metaphors to describe your products.

push notifications voice 2.1

Innocent Drinks is wittiness personified. From their packaging to their website, they resort to creating a ridiculous and unexpected copy to make anyone who stumbles upon them chuckle.

push notifications voice 2

3. Energetic and Fun

Easy to execute, this tone is always eager and cheerful. Use casual language and capitalize your letters to create excitement and hype.

push notifications voice 3.1

Soap & Glory pumps excitement in everything they do.

They reflect enthusiasm, by using loud colors and shouty words to explain their giddiness about their work. Everything they say sounds like they’re jumping with joy about it.

push notifications voice 3

4. Simple and Straightforward

This one’s a no-brainer.


When you use this tone, you want to sound down-to-earth and unpretentious. Get this tone right by aiming for functionality over frills.

push notifications voice 4.1

Gap has mastered this everyday tone.

Their copy sounds effortless but makes any reader feel like it’s something they deserve. They are natural and don’t use any over-the-top emotions. Instead, they describe their clothing just the way it is.

push notifications voice 4

5. Charming and Flirty

From praising their customers to treating the product like it’s made especially for them, this tone makes you sound enticing, playful and welcoming.

push notifications voice 5.1

For brands that sound cheeky and flirty, look no further than Bright Swimwear.

Their copy is always flattering their customers clad in their best bikinis. From their Instagram, you can see that they switch between a subtle charming tone to an obvious flirty voice.

push notifications voice 5

6. Loving and Trustable

To write copy that sounds loving and trustable, tap into your passion. Use this tone to be associated with good virtues, morality, and peace.

push notifications voice 6.1

Ten Tree is a well-loved apparel store and with good reason. Their selling point is that “ten trees are planted for every item purchased.”

push notifications voice 6

7. Suspense and Click-bait

“10 Secrets Nobody Told You About Marketing”

You would have clicked through if you saw that ad. (The secret is clickbait, by the way.)

You use this tactic to make your visitors curious about your products. Tease your customers about something big that’s about to happen in your store. Set up a vague promise that makes them want to click through and see what’s next.

push notifications voice 7

These are just a few of the many tones of voice that you can use for your push notifications. If you keep digging, you can find a dozen other ways to express your brand.

What other tones of voice can you think of?

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