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10 Ways to Make Your Abandoned Cart Reminders Convert Better

Abandoned Carts.

Two words that store owners find scarier than horror films.

It may seem like just another one of those problems that every store owner has to face but, that is far from the truth. The average rate of abandoned carts online is a massive 69%, according to Baymard Institute.

What does this mean for an individual store owner like you?

For every $10,000 you make, you’re losing $23,000 worth of sales in abandoned carts.

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Unfortunately, turning an abandoned cart into a purchase isn’t as easy as setting up an alarm.

The barrier that you stumble onto is the lack of information about the shopper who left their cart waiting. Not every visitor on your store would be logging in to their account or signing up for email updates.

For a lot of your abandoned carts, the traditional recovery methods (email or SMS) will be ineffective. Unless you can talk to visitors who don’t provide their details, an abandoned cart on your store is as good as lost.

Push notifications can knock down this barrier.

People browsing on your store are likely to subscribe to your notifications since it requires just a click. If any these subscribers abandon their cart, you can target them where traditional methods failed.

Sure, not every single visitor who abandons their cart would be subscribed to your push notifications but, a good number of your visitors are likely to subscribe. So, using push notifications, you will be recovering more abandoned carts than you were doing earlier.

I know it’s a challenge to recover a cart when you have just 40-50 characters to get your message across. Here are some ways to help you hack your abandoned cart reminders and ensure more clicks:

You’ll notice that many references in this guide link to articles about email abandoned cart recovery. These tactics work brilliantly for push marketing as well.

1. Ensure your notification length is optimized

Character lengths vary on different devices, and you’d be surprised how different the length of a notification is for Mac as opposed to Android. To avoid sending reminders that are cut off halfway, ensure that your notification length is optimized for every device.

It’s recommended to keep the title shorter than 21 characters and your notification message within 24 characters to ensure that every abandoned cart reminder is received without any issues.

Your notifications on a Mac will be cut off if it is any longer than the character length mentioned above. So, if it looks good on a Mac, it’ll be perfect on other devices as well.

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Further Reading: Read our guide on notification lengths for different devices.

2. Use the product image in your notification

You’ve been there – you add products to your cart but a little while later, you’ve already forgotten about it.

So when you get a reminder to complete your purchase, it’s quite likely that you won’t remember what it’s all about.

This is a careless way to lose a sale.

A simple notification is just a couple of lines of text. Pretty dull, right?

Seeing the product image in the notification will instantly resonate with your visitor and vastly improve the engagement & conversion rates of your cart recovery.

If you’ve set up Abandoned Cart Recovery using PushOwl, the hero image within your abandoned cart message is dynamically generated according to the product they abandoned. Shoppers who have abandoned their cart will see your reminder with the image of the product they abandoned within it.

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Further Reading: Here are a few ways in which you can optimize your product images to make your notifications more appealing.

3. Personalize your copy according to your brand or products

Is there a particular tone you’ve adopted across your store? Personalize the reminder copy to reflect your brand style and the products you sell. Your brand may be more playful in tone or more nurturing; recognize and emulate a consistent style across your reminders as well.

If you own a clothing store, such a copy for your abandoned cart reminder is more likely to resonate with the kind of products you sell:

abandoned cart reminders 3

Another way to personalize your cart recovery notifications is by focusing on your customer. Make your communication more intimate by using words like ‘you’ and ‘we’.

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4. Try to create urgency

Urgency pushes your customers to act fast and make a quick decision. This is a great tactic for turning those abandoned carts into purchases.

Words like ‘Limited’, and ‘instantly’ and phrases like ‘only today’ and ‘24 hours left’ can urge people to take immediate action.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is another excellent way to convert those pesky carts into revenue.


Simply send a reminder that entices shoppers to checkout with time-bound offers (like discounts or free shipping) which last only a few hours. Read Shopify’s help guide to set up time-sensitive discount codes.

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Further Reading: If you’re looking to get started, you can adapt the same technique from email marketing.

5. Use power words in your notification

Power words can evoke a psychological or emotional reaction. A phrase like ‘Exclusively for you’ can make you curious enough to read the rest of the paragraph.

See for yourself. Among the two push notifications below, which one would you rather click?

abandoned cart reminders 6

The first notification clearly has a more persuasive messaging. Grab your subscriber’s attention by making use of these words within your notification copy.

Further Reading: Read Buffer’s guide on power words and use them effectively in your abandoned cart notifications.

6. Offer discounts to increase conversions

Already using discounts as a sales tool in your cart recovery emails? Then you might want to try them out with push notifications. You’d be surprised at the results you get.

abandoned cart reminders 7

According to Statista, 56% of shoppers claimed that they leave without paying because of unexpected costs. Sending an enticing discount at the right time is a great way to solve this problem and improve conversions.

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You can also try non-discount promotions like free shipping, a gift card, or loyalty points. Skeptical that it’ll work? Here’s some proof that just mentioning free shipping can bring a 90% increase in orders.

7. Create shareable discount links

We’ve all had trouble trying to remember if the coupon code for our favorite store was 20LESS or LESS20. Clearly, discount codes are not the most memorable piece of information.

With Shopify’s inbuilt feature, you can make it easier for your customers to use discounts by auto-applying it at checkout. Learn how to simplify checkouts for your customers from this article.

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8. Create discount ladders

While discounts aren’t a bad idea, you may worry that you’re compromising on your profit margins.

Not all shoppers need an incentive to purchase. While offering a flat discount for every abandoned cart would help you recover more sales, you’d definitely be losing out on a fair bit of revenue.

Let’s say you offer a 10% discount for all abandoned carts. Instead of giving away this discount in every cart reminder, you can stagger it in a discount ladder.

Here’s how you do it.

  • First reminder – don’t offer any discount. Certain visitors might simply be distracted while shopping and fully intend to purchase from your store. For them, just a simple reminder without any discount will get the job done.
  • Second reminder – 5% discount. If a reminder doesn’t do the job, some others are likely to take the bait with a small discount.
  • Third reminder – 10% discount. Still nothing? Go all out with 10% to convert the rest of the stragglers.

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Further Reading: You can get an in-depth understanding of discount ladders with this podcast by Nerd Marketing (you can find the transcript in the article as well).

9. Utilize buttons as effective CTAs

Buttons to allow your shoppers to take action. On PushOwl, your abandoned cart notifications have a default copy for the buttons- ‘Checkout’ and ‘Continue Shopping.’ You can optimize this button copy if you feel that it needs a little tweaking to suit your visitors better.

Try different call-to-actions to see what works best for you. Buttons that use persuasive phrases like ‘Shop now!’ or ‘Grab this Offer’ are the most effective CTAs since they drive attention and insist on immediate action.

Further Reading: Call-to-action copy is straightforward but effective, as shown in this Hubspot article. Pick up a few ideas and test them out to see what works best for your abandoned cart emails.

10. Use emojis to create excitement

Emojis are surprisingly effective at improving conversions. Studies show that push notifications with emojis had 85% increase in open rates, compared to push notifications without emojis.

Who knew a dancing emoji was so effective?

Check out this study by Hubspot to learn which emojis are proven to deliver better results.‍

abandoned cart reminders 11

Further Reading: If you want to dig deeper, read this study by Leanplum and App Annie on emojis in push notifications.

Abandoned Cart Reminders are one of the most important tools for any store owner. Using these ten hacks, you can improve your abandoned cart reminders by experimenting and leveraging the hacks that work best for your store.

Push marketing is still picking up steam and the only way to ensure higher conversions is to experiment with new strategies.

Try various techniques and refine your abandoned cart reminder funnels to ensure you are working towards higher conversion rates.

Here’s to fewer abandoned carts and more sales on your store with PushOwl.