Abandoned Cart Retargeting: 3 Must-have Strategies to Win Back Your Customers

How often do you find this happen – a prospecting customer comes to your site, browse through quite a few products and added several into a shopping cart, but then leave without placing an order? On average, the shopping cart abandonment rate is 78.65%, and the rate is even higher on mobile devices, with 85.65% of all transactions ending without a sale. Cart abandonment is an inevitable challenge that every Shopify merchant is facing.

You’re just a stone’s throw from sales. Those who have added items to cart but haven’t placed orders are no doubt your high-intent shoppers. But how can you reach out to them after they left your site?

That’s where retargeting comes into play.

Retargeting helps you win back website visitors and turn them into customers or even lifetime customers. The following are three must-have ways every Shopify merchant should utilize to retarget prospective customers.

1. Retargeting with advertising

People spend 142 minutes on social media per day. What’s more, the average time spent on the mobile Facebook app was around 58 minutes a day and 400 million Instagram active daily users spent 53 minutes per day on the platform. It goes without saying that Facebook and Instagram are perfect places for a business to showcase their products and reach out to prospective customers.

How do retargeting ads work?

By tracking visitors’ on-site behavior, retargeting ads can reach your high-intent buyers – people who have visited your product pages or added items to cart but haven’t purchased yet.

You may have seen a watch you left in shopping cart two days ago on a Facebook sponsored post when you’re browsing the Facebook feed. Or, you may have come across an Instagram ad showing some clothing you were considering buying a week ago.

That’s exactly how Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads work! Stat proves that this strategy is highly effective. 30% of non-converting shoppers returned to a website through ad retargeting.

How to create effective retargeting ads?

Since those people have been browsing through some of your products for a period of time, they have known your business well and are in the decision-making stage. Thus, instead of showing them a video showcasing your product benefits, showing the exact products they have shown interest can better remind them of completing orders.

If you would like to give them a little nudge to purchase, you can also deliver some coupon-focused message or offer some discounts in your ad copy to help push them into a final sale.

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With Ako Retargeting app, you can set up your Facebook and Instagram retargeting campaign with only a few clicks. And no coding skills are required. You can also create custom product sets to exclude products that you don’t want to show in your ads and create multiple campaigns with different ad formats like carousel, collection, and video creatives to run A/B testing and optimize your conversions.

abandoned cart retargeting - akohub

Further, optimize your ROAS with advanced retargeting funnel

For the advanced retargeting campaigns, it’s quite easy to set up a retargeting funnel for your Shopify store through Ako Retargeting app. From the prospecting customers who have viewed or engaged with your brand on social media to your high-intent buyers, the retargeting funnel helps you target different levels of your potential customers with different ad creatives within different time frames.

The automated retargeting system lets your website visitors or page engagers be reminded with different types of brand creatives across their Facebook/Instagram feeds, Messenger app, and Facebook audience network each day. The better experience for customers has greatly increased the ROAS for the brands!

akohub - abandoned cart retargeting settings

2. Retargeting with web push notification

Web push notifications are increasingly gaining ground recently. They are clickable messages that pop up on your desktop or mobile device’s screen and pretty much, hard to miss. With web push notifications, you can re-engage with your audience at any time.

Why use web push notifications?

People can subscribe to your web notifications with just a single click. They don’t need to give lots of personal information to subscribe to your messages. The easy subscription helps you reach a larger audience.

Though the web push message may be short and simple, it is eye-catching and can not be ignored. And it allows you to deliver a valuable message to people in real-time. With PushOwl, you can deliver brief and personalized messages to your visitors in an instant. Take for instance, how Headphone Zone has been doing it!

Retarget your website visitors with two kinds of web push notification:

I. Abandoned cart reminders

Shoppers can be easily distracted by thousands of things while they are shopping on your site. Or they may be browsing through several websites at the same time to compare product prices. Your products may end up being forgotten in shopping carts.

Send web push notifications to shoppers to remind them what they have left behind. Keep your message short and sweet. A well-timed reminder about the items in the cart can lead customers to return to your site and complete orders.

abandoned cart recovery drip campaign

II. Price drops

High prices are one of the main reasons shoppers abandon their carts. Thus, sending a brief message to notify them of the discounted price is a great way to motivate those on-the-fence buyers and urge them to complete orders. After all, nothing is more appealing than a discount!

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price drop web push notification

Looking for more ideas on web push notification campaigns? Check them out here.

3. Retargeting with email

Is email marketing dead? Statistics prove NO!

99% of consumers (probably includes you and me) check their personal emails every day. Moreover, across home, work and mobile, consumers check their inbox almost 20 times a day. So email is still a good channel to reach customers.

Shopify offers an abandoned cart email template for every merchant. If you’re not satisfied with the template, you can customize it on your own. There are also several great apps on Shopify app store that offer beautiful email templates, such as Omnisend, Klaviyo, and Spently.

When you’re planning your abandoned cart email strategy, there are quite a few things you should keep in mind:

I. Send your first email as soon as possible

Sending out your first cart abandonment email within an hour after the cart abandonment can reach higher conversions. Ideally, it should be sent when shoppers are still online. Also, your email should land in the shopper’s inbox before they buy somewhere else.

II. An attention-grabbing subject line

35% of customers open emails based solely on the subject line. If the email goes unopened, it has a 0% chance of completing its mission. Thus, your subject line should be attractive enough to nudge shoppers to open it. Keep your subject line concise, email subject lines perform best if they are 21-30 characters long. And put the most important information at the front to make sure shoppers will see the info no matter they are browsing it on desktop or mobile.

III. A clear call-to-action button

Last but not least, a clear call-to-action button is always an essential ingredient for a successful email. Since the main goal of the email is to effectively recover lost sales, remember to add clear call-to-action buttons to entice customers to complete their purchase. You can add both a continue shopping button and a complete order button to seamlessly lead your customers back to your website and place orders.

Start your retargeting today!

Though cart abandonment rate is high, three-fourths of shoppers who have abandoned shopping carts say they plan to return to the retailer’s website or store to make a purchase. Not doing retargeting is like leaving money on the table.

So why not start your retargeting campaigns today? With the three strategies mentioned above, you get a second chance to persuade your customer to purchase no matter where they are.

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