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Get More Subscribers For Your Shopify Store With Push Notifications

If you’re getting new customers to your store every day, you’re doing a good job at promoting your products. But if you’re getting as many return customers to your store, you’re doing a great job. In times when there are at least ten other stores that an online shopper can choose to make a purchase from, it is becoming important for retailers to establish a consistent channel of communication. In this article, we’re sharing how your Shopify store can get more subscribers with web push notifications.

We know that the very first thing that comes to your mind is building an email list. But that’s not the only way to get more shoppers to subscribe to your store’s updates. There are also web push notifications.

In this article, we’re covering how you can use web push notifications to get more eCommerce subscribers.

Let’s start with a quick recap.

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are messages that can be sent to an online shopper on the web and the mobile web. These messages slide in at the top or bottom right-hand corner on a desktop depending on the operating system, and identical to an app push notification on mobile devices.

desktop web push notifications

What makes web push notifications effective is the fact that the messages can be delivered to a shopper irrespective of whether they are or not on your website.

Want to see how web push notifications for Shopify stores work, click here for an interactive guide.

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Why use web push notifications to get more subscribers?

Easier to opt-in (you’re not even asking for much!)

First things first, no one today likes to share their email address on a website for the fear of being spammed. Well, opting in for web push notifications doesn’t need a shopper to enter his email address. All they need to do is click once to allow a store to send them push notifications!

one click optin web push notifications

With the number of cases of data breach increasing by the day, offering them a way to get valuable updates from your store, is a great way to also build trust. Once they see the messages you’re promoting to them, they’ll be more willing to also opt-in to receiving email newsletters from you.

When you ask for a smaller commitment, chances are that they’ll willingly opt-in. Just like you’d first prefer a free demo of a product before purchasing it.

Hard to miss (never let an important news slip by)

Consumers don’t just shop online for the ease of accessing a wide range of products. They also want to be able to bag the best deals on those products. That’s the one primary reason for them to opt-in to any list of an online store.

Now walking into your office on a Monday morning, you know your inbox is going to be full of emails from work and updates from other sites that you subscribed to. There’s a high chance in this scenario that you miss out on one of the sales that your favorite store is running. You can’t blame yourself, but nor can you really blame the store!

With web push notifications, one thing is obvious – they are hard to miss. Due to their nature, design and the way they show up on a consumer’s device, one can’t help but read what they have to say.

Imagine getting this notification on your desktop – even if you look at it to dismiss it, you’ve already read what the store is promoting.

flash sale

How to get more visitors to opt-in to push notifications?

Of course, making it easy to subscribe is the number one way to get more people to opt-in. But with web push notifications already making that easy, what else do you need to do to get more subscribers?

Understand the kind of shoppers your store is getting

There are different types of online shoppers – while some are looking for discounts, there are others who are simply wanting a great shopping experience. Knowing who you’re going to be targeting with your push notifications, you’ll be able to craft the right message to ask them to opt-in for them.

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For example, for a price-conscious shopper, you should be highlighting how your web push notifications will be used to send them more discounts.

On the other hand, for someone who is trend-conscious, you should be highlighting how you’ll notify them of limited edition products as they hit your store!

Highlight the benefits of opting in

If we asked you to share your email address with us without giving you a reason for it, you’re not going to do it. But if we first tell you the benefits of doing so, you’re going to be more likely to share it with us. The concept holds true for web push notifications – no one wants to receive a single message that doesn’t add value to them.

So when asking for permission, ensure you’re highlighting why they should be opting in. For instance, including a simple description that says ‘to receive special discounts’.

You can see in the two-step opt-in below that store visitors who subscribe to this store will get a special discount as a reward. Such an incentive is sure to increase subscriptions.

Use other channels to promote web push notifications

Apart from your website, use other channels to promote your web push notifications. There could be followers on social media that might not have subscribed yet, for instance.

Create posts for your social media accounts highlighting why your followers should optin to your push notifications. Or include a quick call-to-action at the end of your email newsletter that encourages your existing subscribers to get quicker updates on the best deals you have!

When should you ask shoppers to opt-in to push notifications?

Opting into your push notifications isn’t an obvious choice for online shoppers. You need to ask them for permission at the right time to get maximum subscribers. You need to show them the value behind them, and most importantly, ask them to opt-in at the right time.

1. As soon as they land on your store

You are driving shoppers to your site from various ad campaigns. You could be offering some heavy discounts to catch their attention too. So why not ask them to optin right when they land up on your store, promising to send them more such offers

This is the one approach that the topmost Shopify stores make use of.

2. After they spend a certain amount of time on your store

Nobody likes to bombarded by the call to actions right when they land upon a store. That’s why a good strategy is to ask your visitors to opt-in after they have spent a certain amount of time on the site.

The minimum that you should wait for is about 5 seconds, before asking them to do something. But you need to make sure that you don’t wait any longer than 10 seconds or you might just lose their attention altogether!*

*This may vary from store to store. For instance, when your store has an email capture or other pop-ups implemented, it makes sense to trigger the browser prompt after a little delay.

How to use web push notifications for your Shopify store?

Just like your email marketing and social media campaigns, there are endless ways in which you can use web push notifications for Shopify stores to improve customer engagement and drive more sales.

Here are the 14 types of push notifications campaigns that won’t just drive more sales, but also higher average order value.

1. Welcome notification

One of the first and foremost things to do when a visitor opts into your push notifications is to establish your connect and start the engagement. You could do this with a quick welcome message or a first purchase discount!

2. Flash sale notification

Alright, we all know that a flash sale across all the products of our favorite brand is a reason enough to ‘shop-till-you-drop’. Use web push notifications to reach your subscribers in real-time when you’re running a time-sensitive discount.

With PushOwl, you can even put an expiry date on your web push notifications campaign. This makes it easy to run time-sensitive offers, and send alerts about it only for a defined time. You don’t want your subscribers to click through to see that the sale has already ended. Right?

3. Product launch notification

When you launch a new product or are about to launch one, use web push notifications to reach out to your subscribers with the news. You can even create a well strategized sequence of campaigns – right from teasers to finally letting them know when the product is available for sale.

But remember to highlight different aspects of your new product. You don’t want your notification to be invaluable at any given time!

product launch web push notifications

4. Product promotion notification

Just like all the promotional emails and social media campaigns you send to promote your popular products, use web push notifications to do the same. Highlight products that a shopper segment seems to be loving more and why, and use web push to reach more subscribers in that segment.

Simply put, increase sales of your existing products with web push notifications.

5. Visitor re-engagement notification

Not all online shoppers make the purchase in the first go. If they have subscribed to receiving push notifications from your store, you can use the channel to send messages that are targeted at re-engaging them.

Take for instance a product you were browsing through but did not purchase. On receiving a web push notification that offers a 25% discount on it will immediately peak your interest and take you back to the store to complete the purchase!

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6. Event or holiday focused notification

It’s for a fact that we all wait for the festive or the holiday season to kick in to make certain purchases. We all want to bag the celebratory discounts and offers that our favorite brands have to offer. But it is also a fact that we often miss out on most of those offers that land up in our inbox or on our social media feed.

With web push notifications you can reach your shoppers in no time with a custom deal to join them in the festivities. Don’t forget to highlight the offer you have though!

push marketing for shopify christmas 2

7. Back in stock notification

Most popular products run out of stock really quickly and still continue to drive in traffic. In this scenario, don’t let your shoppers be disappointed on seeing the product is no longer available. Instead, use the chance to ask them to opt-in to be notified of when the product will be back in stock.

Use web push notifications to then let them know as soon as a product they were interested in, is back in stock.

back in stock notification

8. Price alerts notification

Your shoppers are always looking for better deals, discounts, and offers on products they love. That’s why they never make a purchase in the first go. But as a store owner, you should know that all they are waiting for, is a slight drop in the price.

Use web push notifications to let your shoppers know of price drops or discounts on the popular products of your store. To do so in time, automate your web push notifications for price alerts.

price drop web push notification

9. Special/ limited edition notification

The millennial shopper likes exclusivity and that’s exactly what you should consider in your marketing strategy to drive more sales. For instance, knowing that there are only 10 pieces left of the product we like is going to want us to make a quick decision on whether to purchase it or not. The same holds true for limited edition products!

But remember to include what makes these pieces so special in the description of your web push notification.

limited edition web push notifications

10. Buy more, save more notification

When your favorite brand is running a ‘buy one, get one’ sale, you end up buying a lot more than you initially thought of. Similarly, knowing that making more purchases could waive off the shipping costs or help you save more, will trigger the same reaction from an online shopper.

buy more save more web push notification

11. Customer engagement notification

For an eCommerce store to be successful, it is important to keep the existing customers loyal to the brand. That’s why it should be a priority in your marketing campaign to make them feel special and web push notifications offer you an effective way to do that.

With web push notifications, you can touch base with them regularly – either to thank them for supporting your store or to recommend purchases based on the one they made the last time.

product recommendation

12. Product hack notification

The market has become very consumer-centric and a typical consumer is always seeking information that helps them make better purchase decisions. Use your web push notifications to send out tips, tricks or hacks on using your products to address some of the most common concerns of your target segment.

You can also use this type of push notifications to drive your subscribers to a blog.

product hack


13. Social proof notification

All of us trust a recommendation coming from a friend as compared to a brand that has been advertising to us for months. Using web push notifications, you can promote how your existing customers feel about your product range. Be it ratings, review, testimonials or user-generated content like the pictures shared by customers on social media.

The idea here is to help your subscriber visualize the value your product brings to customers like them.

14. Social media engagement notification

Your shoppers are active on a minimum of two social media platforms. While you’re already using those channels to actively reach out to new customers and engage the existing ones, you can integrate your social media strategy with your web push notifications.

Send push notifications that promote your social media posts. This will help you turn your subscribers into social media followers, giving you an opportunity to target them better with ad campaigns.

But remember to not overdo it!

While there are a number of ways to use web push notifications to keep your shoppers engaged and drive more sales, it is important to create a smart strategy to make them work.

Right from deciding the tone of voice you want to maintain, to how frequently you want to reach out to the subscribers and what kind of messages do you want to promote – have everything documented and well-thought-of in advance.

To get you started with web push notifications for your Shopify store, we put together some handy resources. Don’t forget to check these out:

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