Get Your First 100 Customers on Shopify [FREE WEBINAR]

Being a new store owner is tough. Store ownership has a lot of different aspects from storefront development and installing the right tools, to using the best strategies for your marketing and sales. It’s no wonder that a lot of new merchants take a lot of time to gain a good momentum with their e-commerce business.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. The right tools and resources can help you achieve success with your online store much faster. That’s why Ecommerce Tech is hosting a webinar to help you get your business off the ground. The webinar suits every kind of merchant who’s starting out.

Are you just setting up your store? The webinar will make your store setup much easier and allow you to maximize your store’s potential in its first month!

If you’ve been running your Shopify store for a few months, you can optimize your strategy, pick up expert-vetted tools and tips to bring in more sales and revenue.

The webinar is even perfect for those who are just thinking of starting an ecommerce business. You can gauge what it takes to build a successful store on Shopify and pick up the best hacks even before you get started with your venture into ecommerce.

App developers and experts in the Shopify ecosystem are constantly talking to the top Shopify stores. This gives them a lot of intel about what strategies and actionables make a successful store. That’s why we love this webinar: the sessions are led by some of the top industry professionals- like Privy and BoldCommerce.

What Can You Expect to Learn from the Webinar?

Ecommerce Tech has set up a webinar that covers all the bases, giving you insights in every area of store setup and growth.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. The session by will provide insights on the ideal tech stack for your Shopify store so that you don’t have to spend time searching for the ideal apps and services. Instead, you can optimize these apps and services and jump into selling your products!

2. Susan Bradley from The Social Sales Girls gives you the exact roadmap to get your Shopify store from $0 to $50K and you can come away with the best sales hacks to attract more customers.

3. Learn how you can get your first 1,000 Facebook Messenger Followers from Ben Parr, co-founder at Octane AI. This session will make you an expert on gaining new followers from Facebook Messenger and turn them into paying customers.

BONUS: Attend this session and get the Ecommerce Messenger Playbook.

4. Pick up pre-launch strategies from Viral Loops and learn how you can get 1000s of leads before your store launch.

5. Take your email list from zero to marketing hero with the talk led by Josh Mendelsohn of Privy. Optimize your email strategy and implement retargeting with the tips shared by Mendelsohn.

6. Felix Süllwold from our team is hosting a session to teach you how to create stellar campaigns with push notifications and engage your store visitors better.

BONUS: Attend the session by Felix for a chance to win 1 year of PushOwl’s Enterprise plan for free!

7. Martyn Cook from Smarter Destiny is giving you the best launch acquisition strategy and walking you through how to launch and test your first Facebook ad.

8. Improve your most opened emails to maximize customer engagement with a talk by Roddy Smith from Spently and leverage email as a sales channel.

9. Learn how to communicate brand value and position your store for success with a brand-centric talk by Kurt Elster from Ethercycle.

10. There’s even a session by Bold Commerce! Join this talk led by Jay Myers to learn how to use upsells, cross-sells, and funnels to blow up your average order value and increase your revenue.

11. Jonathan Kennedy from Storetasker is leading a talk about building your customer community before you launch your store and how you can develop your store faster, with high-quality results.

12. Setup success with marketing automation 101 from this session by Jimmy Kim, co-founder of Sendlane. Learn how to create a thorough customer and lead journey setup to increase your ROI and maximize your customer LTV.

With this webinar, Derric Haynie hopes to help store owners avoid the most common pitfalls that a new merchant may run into. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the motive behind the webinar:

I personally do these events to stop Ecommerce founders and teams from making mistakes similar to the costly ones that I’ve made in the past. And it’s really about having the knowledge and filter to make good decisions and avoid the hope of what I call “entrepreneurshit”. That is, being “sold the dream” or “get rich quick” hack. I really try to take a strong stand against that sort of thing.

In less than four days, you get to attend 11 talks and learn from the best in the industry about what has worked for the top Shopify stores

11 speakers are covering every area of store growth- store tech stack, marketing, sales growth, automation, and store development.

We don’t have to repeat it again: you’d be missing out if you don’t attend. Put aside a day for this kickass webinar and achieve success with your Shopify store without breaking a sweat.

Build your store up from the ground now!