Success Stories: How Headphone Zone Made 126X ROI Using PushOwl

Headphone Zone, a Shopify Plus store, uses push notifications to market their products and successfully make more purchases using PushOwl.

“E-commerce is slowly moving to handheld devices and push notifications are an important part of communication when the primary device is the mobile phone.”
– Raghav Somani, on push notifications

headphone zone pushowl case study

About Headphone Zone

Headphone Zone is India’s most trusted source for audiophiles. Besides their impressive range of premium audio accessories, the brand has brought together a passionate audiophile community in India. From online forums to hosting various events across cities in India, Headphone Zone has many avenues to keep their audience engaged.

We spoke to Raghav Somani, the founder of Headphone Zone, to learn about the brand’s marketing strategy.

‍Marketing Before Push

Headphone Zone’s marketing strategy is diverse. They use multiple channels to maximize their reach – from email marketing to google and facebook ads. Their most successful marketing tactic is remarketing ads, which are effective in bringing visitors back to their store. ‍

Why PushOwl?

Headphone Zone started using push notifications because they wanted an additional channel to deliver promotions. Another enticing advantage that Headphone Zone saw was that this direct marketing tool would help recover the number of abandoned carts on their store.

“PushOwl is a leader in this space, they’re doing more in the space of push notifications than anybody else and I think they have a great sense of what stores and merchants needs. That’s why they are absolutely indispensable.”
– Raghav Somani, on PushOwl

‍The PushOwl Reaction

headphone zone pushowl case study 2

Headphone Zone has a unique approach to their push campaigns. They cherry pick the promotions they want to send out, ensuring each campaign is polished and well-crafted. The strategy of focusing on the quality over the number of their campaigns has brought impressive results.

In October 2018, Headphone Zone brought in a revenue of $16,527 with just 6 campaigns!

When compared to their email marketing, Headphone Zone’s push notifications see 3 times the clicks. They reported that they saw an average of 2% click-through rate for emails as compared to a whopping 6.6% on their push campaigns.‍

‍Crafting Campaigns

headphone zone pushowl case study 3

The most common type of campaign that Headphone Zone sends is product announcements. Raghav says that when they add a new brand to their catalog or start promotions for a new product, push notifications helped them get the word out.

They had to limit the number of email campaigns to ensure that their customers weren’t getting spammed. But this wasn’t a problem with push notifications due to their non-intrusive nature. Another advantage of using push notifications as a marketing channel was to get instant visibility of their promotions to their one-time visitors.

headphone zone pushowl case study 4

“In the early days, it has helped us bring in a great amount of traffic to our promotional campaigns.”
– Raghav Somani, on results from PushOwl

Impact on Abandoned Carts

headphone zone pushowl case study 5

Headphone Zone reaped the most returns from the Abandoned Cart Reminder feature. Before using push notifications, the brand used different channels, Google and Facebook ads as well as email, to recover their carts. Once they started using PushOwl ’s abandoned cart reminders, they were able to increase their recovery rate, which is due to the fact that, with push notifications, they were able to recover even those carts where the visitor didn’t leave personal details like email or phone number.