Success Stories: How Proozy Uses PushOwl to Sell Branded Fitness Gear

In just 4 months, Shopify Plus brand, Proozy built its push marketing strategy and made an ROI of 299X using PushOwl.

proozy pushowl case study

About Proozy

Proozy sells branded fitness gear and activewear. They deliver the finest fitness merchandise at the best prices. They have cultivated a community of fitness enthusiasts who eagerly await for the brand’s latest deals to drop.

We spoke to Cullen Rowley, Director of E-Commerce at Proozy about their journey with PushOwl.

Marketing Before Push

Prior to using PushOwl, Proozy was using a robust set of marketing tools to drive in sales. Remarketing ads and automated emails are in place to target and recover abandoned carts. And they have devised a multi-channel strategy which ranges from affiliate marketing to paid advertisements. But their email marketing is by far their biggest revenue driver.

Why PushOwl?

While other marketing channels delivered good results, the brand wanted to add more revenue streams to their store. Proozy found that they wanted a straightforward channel to showcase their deals and get in touch with their customers quickly and regularly.

“PushOwl has gone above and beyond, multiple times, trying to help us. We’ve had multiple phone calls with the team optimizing our strategy. It seems like everyone really cares about our success and makes sure that the platform offers everything that is needed. Kunal and Shashank both helped us get our push notifications to the level that we want.”
– Cullen Rowley, on PushOwl

That’s how desktop push notifications landed on Proozy’s radar. When a fellow merchant from the Shopify Plus community mentioned PushOwl on a facebook group, the recommendation ended up being just what was needed for them to add PushOwl.

The PushOwl Reaction

proozy pushowl case study 2

In just 4 months, Proozy has seen massive growth, with 63K subscribers and counting, as the list grows every day.

Proozy’s marketing focuses on its products rather than its collections because they offer time-sensitive time deals on their products, which tend to sell out quickly. By sending product based promotions via push notifications, their subscribers see the promotion on their devices as soon as it’s sent, giving them a chance to grab the deal before stocks run out.

‍Crafting Campaigns

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Proozy has adopted the strategy of taking long-form content and turning it into bite-sized promotions. They trim their email content and reuse it as push notifications. The idea is simple. Since Proozy’s deals run for a limited time, sending push notifications about the offer straight to their subscribers’ screens is a great way to instantly bring them to the store.

Here’s what Cullen Rowley, Director of E-Commerce at Proozy, had to say about the brand’s evolution with push notifications:

“When we first started, we sent generic product images, your regular white background and with just the product price and title. But from your team, we learned that putting lifestyle based images work better and using a description can influence our audience to click and explore our products more.”

Impact on Abandoned Carts

proozy pushowl case study 4

For Proozy, abandoned cart recovery has definitely been one of the highlights of using PushOwl.

“Just having the opportunity to have a pop-up when someone forgets to check out or leave the website without purchasing is great.”

Proozy has set up a well-oiled automated system to recover their abandoned carts.

  • 30 minutes after abandonment: push notification is sent to the subscriber about their cart
  • 1 hour later: an automated email is sent to turn the cart into a purchase
  • 4 hours later: Both, a push notification and an email, are automatically sent to the subscriber
  • 24 hours later: If the past reminders don’t do the trick, a final push notification is sent to remind them to check out

The numbers prove how effective this sequence is; Proozy has recovered an average of 180 abandoned carts every month for the past 4 months.

Proozy started using push notifications just a few months prior but the app has delivered the kind of ROI that they haven’t seen in other marketing channels. As they grow their brand, Cullen believes PushOwl will be one of the biggest drivers of sales for them.