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How To Use Web Push Notifications For All The Stages Of A Customer Journey

Unless you are a frequent impulse buyer, chances are that you take a few re-routes before making a purchase decision. Most of us are habituated to random browsing. If something that catches our interest shows up on our feed, we add it to the cart or wishlist it immediately. But we seldom buy it at once.

This is especially true for price-sensitive shoppers. They would compare deals offered by different stores or even wait it out for them to offer a discount.

Simply put, most of us go through different stages before actually making a purchase from a brand. No matter what type of shopper you are, your journey will definitely include the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Interest/ consideration
  • Decision

Now there are a number of ways to take your target shoppers through the funnel. There is social media advertising, native advertising, email marketing, retargeting and remarketing, and more. But the one channel that the top-grossing Shopify stores are now using is web push notifications.

In this article, we’re discussing why web push notifications are so important and how you can use them for all stages of a customer’s journey.

Why are web push notifications so popular?

You’re already using social media, messenger marketing, and all those channels out there to interact with your customers. So why is it that your marketing strategy needs another communication channel – especially when email is still known to be one that brings the highest ROI?

Let’s give you a few reasons.

  • Though the average email open rates across different industries are nearly 23%, most of these emails aren’t read instantly. Chances of emails getting lost in the clutter and never being opened are pretty high. On the other hand, 84% of consumers respond to push notifications instantly.
  • Taking into account the above behavior, emails tend to have a lesser open rate as compared to push notifications. Push messages are invariably interacted with almost as soon as delivered.
  • Considering how internet users have become more conscious about their privacy, most are hesitant subscribing to emails. The fear of a clogged inbox with spam emails is real! On the other hand, push notifications are seen to have a 10x higher opt-in rate as they demand lesser commitment from the consumer.
  • Crafting an email that actually converts takes time and resources. You don’t just need the right copy, but also the perfect design to go along with it. Push notifications, on the other hand, can be crafted in minutes. It’s all about being to-the-point here. Perfect for content skimmers! (Free templates here)
  • When personalized, push notifications are even more powerful.
    TLDR: when strategized well along with personalization, push notifications can turn subscribers into customers in no time.

Here’s how to use web push notifications for every stage of the customer’s journey with your brand.

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Push notification campaigns for brand awareness

People in this stage of their purchase journey are least likely to buy. They have just started ‘window shopping’ and are probably still acquainting themselves with the products you’re offering. In some cases, maybe even what your brand is all about.

At this stage, you should be more focused on informing and educating the shopper. When they trust your brand, your products and offers will automatically get a better response. This helps take them to the next stage in the buying cycle.

Example 1: Share what makes your products stand out (benefits)

No matter what industry you’re in, there are at least ten other Shopify stores that a shopper can purchase from. That’s why you need to make them aware of what’s so different about your brand and your products.

It’s okay to start from scratch. Assume they know nothing about the products you’re offering and craft your push notifications accordingly. Promote a specific web page, product page or a blog that offers them all the information they need to get a better understanding of your offer.

Take for instance that your Shopify store sells travel gear. While avid travelers will know about waterproof clothing, there could be those who don’t. Promote a blog that shares more about this clothing range and how it benefits them while traveling. Being aware of the benefits of the product is what will drive them to the consideration stage.


Example 2: Inform about new launches and discounts

Since the awareness stage is all about exploring products and discounts, use push notifications to do exactly that. The idea is to promote something that your target consumers may not be aware of – yet. Be it a new product that your brand just launched keeping in mind their changing needs or an ongoing offer. You can also use this opportunity to tell them something new about a product range.

Here are some examples of this kind of campaign:


Push notifications for the consideration stage

Shoppers in the consideration or evaluation stage need to be thoroughly convinced about your brand or product before saying a ‘yes’. The goal of your push notification campaigns at this stage should be to win their trust and show them that you’re a reliable Shopify store to buy from.

Consumers in this stage can be identified by their previous interaction with your brand. If they have visited a few products, wishlisted or added them to the cart or made a query, they’re aware of what you over. They are just not sure if you’re good enough. This is your chance to show them you are the best they can invest in!

Example 1: Leverage social proof

Most of us trust a recommendation from friends and family, over brand advertisements. The simple reason being that they are people like us. Their opinion about a product will not be biased and will only come after they have personally used it. That’s why brands today focus so much on getting their customers to leave rating and reviews.

But why not include them in your push notifications strategy?

Based on what a shopper has shown interest in, target them with recent reviews, ratings or even user-generated content. Show them how loved your product is to win their trust.

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testimonial push notification

Example 2: Promote time-sensitive offers

Like we mentioned before, not all of us make a purchase on the first visit. We’d rather wait for a better deal to come through from the same brand or another store – even if we’re really interested in the product. But if we knew that the product was available in a limited quantity, we’d make the decision faster. Our consideration stage needs a nudge.

Promoting time-sensitive offers or creating a sense of scarcity around the products a shopper has shown interest in, is a great way to move them along the funnel. Here’s an example of such a push notification message:


Push notifications for the purchase/decision stage

You’ve got shoppers to move from the consideration stage to actually start to check out. But that’s where almost 80% of the sales often get lost. The cart abandonment rates across different industries are increasing by the day. It only goes to say that even if a shopper is in his final stage of the journey, you need to full-proof your plan of converting them into a customer.

They could still be looking for a discount coupon to make the cart total friendlier to their budget. They could get distracted by something they’re working on and completely forget about making the purchase.

This is where push notifications come in to give the final nudge. Be it a special discount to encourage these shoppers to complete the purchase or sending them a reminder of what they have left behind.

Example 1: Discount on first-time purchase

This is when a new user browses through your Shopify store, adds products to the cart and leaves mid-checkout. Use a push notification to offer them a first-time shopper discount. This will not just sweeten the deal for them, but also earn you brownie points for making them feel special. Here’s an example:


Example 2: Cart reminder notifications

Sometimes shoppers simply forget the items they add to a cart. Once they leave, they get distracted by promotions from other Shopify stores and it can get really tough to grab their attention again.

Using push notifications, you can send them cart reminders. Remind them of the products they have left behind, the deal you’re offering on them and create a sense of urgency in your message. It is the best way to re-engage these shoppers and get them to make the purchase.

Here’s an example from Headphone Zone:

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Push notifications for your customer’s journey

Just like other marketing and communication channels, push notifications are a great way to engage your shoppers. But you need to strategize your campaigns at every stage to ensure maximum interaction and hence, conversions.

Ready to begin using push notifications for your customer’s journey with your Shopify store? Here are some resources to get started: