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Increase Conversions With These 5 Automated Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications have clearly become a promising marketing channel for Shopify stores. Be it improving their brand recall, keeping their subscribers and customers engaged, promoting a new product or an ongoing sale, or recovering abandoned carts, web push notifications can be seen in use everywhere!

But just like other marketing channels like email and social media, running a successful web push notification campaign is all about the timing.

Imagine getting a cart recovery message after you’ve purchased that product from the store. Pointless, right?

That’s why your Shopify marketing strategy needs web push notification automations.

With web push notification automations, you can set up highly personalized messages that are based on shopper activity. This ensures that your push marketing is highly relevant to what your shopper wants, increasing conversions.

In this article, we’re sharing some of the must-have web push notification campaigns that you need to automate to keep shoppers engaged and drive more sales.

Must-have web push notification automation

1. Abandoned cart recovery notifications

According to research conducted by the Baymard Institute, online stores see an average cart abandonment of 69.89%. In certain industries, the cart abandonment rate has increased to a whopping 80%. That’s way more than half your sales!

web push notification automation - cart recovery

Cart recovery is all about reminding the shopper of what they’ve left behind in a timely manner. It is also about reaching out to them with an offer they simply can’t refuse to make the purchase.

With automation, you can send as many as three web push notifications to cart abandoners. Remind them of the product they didn’t purchase, create a sense of urgency around its availability or simply offer an additional discount or free shipping.

cart recovery web push notification automation

Read how you can set up an automated web push notification sequence for abandoned cart recovery.

Want to learn more about abandoned cart recovery campaigns? Here are a few resources for you:

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2. Shipping notifications

Online shoppers look for instant gratification. Now while you can’t possibly deliver their orders in a day like Amazon, you can keep them engaged and eagerly waiting for the product, creating the same effect.

Set up automated shipping web push notifications to keep them updated easily. The notifications alert the shopper when their purchase is shipped, instilling a positive emotion that makes them look forward to receiving the order.

Clicking through the notification, the shopper can be redirected to their orders page to see more information. This way, you can get them back to your site and even target them with current deals that you are running on your store.

Read how you can set up an automated shipping web push notifications.

3. Back in stock alert notifications

There are going to be times when a shopper lands on your store, finds the product they’ve been looking for but finds out that it is ‘out of stock’.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance of turning that shopper into a customer. Instead, you need to take note of their interest in the product and have a mechanism to let them know when it will be next available to ensure you bag that purchase.

backinstock web push notification automation

With automated web push notifications, you can allow shoppers to subscribe to out of stock products and send back-in-stock alerts to them in a timely manner. As soon as your inventory goes any higher than zero, the push message gets triggered.

Read how you can set up an automated web push notifications for back-in-stock alerts.

4. Price drop alert notifications

Not all shoppers are willing to purchase a product at its full price. And not all of them are going to be satisfied with the discount you’re offering. For such a price-sensitive shopper, waiting for a price drop is no big deal.

You can tap into this shopper need by setting up a web push automation that lets shoppers opt-in for price drop alerts on products they want. As soon as the price of the product drops, a  push message is automatically sent to notify only the interested shoppers.

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pricedrop web push notification automation

Read how you can set up automated web push notifications for price drop alerts.

5. Welcome notifications

Your first impression is the best. This doesn’t just hold true when it comes to the on-site experience you offer to shoppers, but also how you market to them.

Imagine, you sign up for a customer account on an online store. If you don’t get a welcome message, you’re left confused if the sign up was completed or not and what benefits you’re going to get by doing so.

Similarly, you can set up automated welcome web push notifications. They help you establish a personal connection with the shopper, establish what offers they’ll be privy to as a subscriber and most importantly, keep them engaged with your brand for a longer period.

A simple welcome message with a little wit or one with a discount for their first purchase, are great ways to kick off the relationship.

welcome web push notification automation

Read how you can set up automated web push notifications to welcome subscribers.

Scheduling your automated web push campaigns for the right time

Even when automated, web push notifications must be sent at the right time to the right users. That is when they are more likely to be read and engaged with.

For example, you can’t possibly have your abandoned cart recovery campaign sent out at 2 am in the night. The shopper is not going to engage with it at that hour and by morning, it’s certain that they’re going to have other notifications to check out first – like the chat apps and emails.

That’s where PushOwl uses Smart Delivery for your automated web push notification campaigns.

Smart Delivery uses the power of machine learning to identify hours that your subscribers are the most active. Using this data, it breaks down your automated campaigns over a 24 hour period.

So instead of sending the web push notification to all your subscribers in one go, it sends the messages to them when they’re the most likely to be active.

Simply put, it ensures that your messages are being read, bringing you higher engagements and conversions on automated campaigns.

Read more about Smart Delivery and how it works.

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