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Push Marketing for Shopify Stores: Black Friday Inspiration

Who isn’t familiar with Black Friday? This is the biggest eCommerce holiday, with online spending breaking records year after year! While the weekend is less than a month away, merchants are preparing to tackle the biggest eCommerce holiday. If you haven’t started or are still in the middle of setting up your marketing for Black Friday, we suggest you read on for some much-needed inspiration to use push marketing for Shopify store sales.

What does your marketing strategy look like?

Black Friday is a time-sensitive sale.

Short-term sales need marketing that is swift and immediate. Your marketing campaign for Black Friday needs to reach your shoppers the minute you launch your sale.

Unfortunately, people are not constantly checking their inbox and thanks to the new algorithm, it’s likely that your social media posts won’t always show up to your followers.

How can you grab immediate attention then?

Find your shoppers where they live. Since people are glued to their screens for a large part of their day, it’s only obvious that push notifications are the most effective way to target them.

The best thing about push notifications?

They can’t be blocked by any spam or promotional filters like emails, making push an efficient marketing channel. You can be sure that your audience will know about your weekend-only or two-day sales the minute you launch them!

Here are a few push notification ideas to help you get more shoppers to your store this Black Friday!

push marketing for shopify black friday 1

push marketing for shopify black friday 2

push marketing for shopify black friday 3

push marketing for shopify black friday 5

push marketing for shopify black friday 4

But wait, we’re not done yet! You didn’t think we’ll just leave you with ideas, did you? We’re letting you download them too to implement push marketing for Shopify.

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Grab these hero images below and easily turning them into your own.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your Black Friday sale!