Push Marketing for Shopify Stores: Easter Sale Tips and Inspiration

Bring more sales with these creative marketing ideas for your big Easter sale. You can also promote your Easter sale instantly by downloading our push notification ideas.

Easter is a treasure chest of opportunities for online retailers. Just in the UK, the Easter weekend last year was predicted to be one of the largest sales period online, with £100 million spent online over the four day period.

While it may not be as big as Black Friday or Christmas, Easter sale is still a great opportunity for online stores to bring back customers and reach new audiences. By setting up your Easter marketing well in advance, you can grab the attention of online shoppers when other stores aren’t fighting for their attention and get ahead of your competition.

To make your Easter sale a grand success, we’ve put together 2 actionable marketing tips and ideas:

  1. Three creative ways to market your Easter sale uniquely and bring more attention.
  2. Six push notification ideas to market your Easter sale faster.

Creative Ways to Market Your Easter Sale

By implementing creative marketing campaigns, you can generate traffic for your store and ensure that you make the most of your Easter sale.


  • Set up an Easter egg hunt on your website.


Create a fun Easter egg hunt a month in advance. By setting up an engaging activity on your store, you can bring first-time visitors to your store who would come for the fun Easter hunt but might end up browsing your products and purchasing from your store. You can also capture these visitors as push notification subscribers and send promotions to them even after your Easter sale.

Here’s how you can do it. Create secret pages within your store and link them onto banners on your storefront. Brainstorm ideas on how you can make the mystery activity more exciting. You can create a checklist of tasks that unlock an Easter egg or gifts once the customer completes all the tasks. You can also select from a range of apps that allow you to make quizzes or puzzles and put them in place to add some fun for the holidays.


  • Create an Easter egg hunt on your social media pages


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Some stores are reluctant to change things on their storefront, especially if they use a custom design. If that’s the case for you, you can host the same Easter egg hunt on your social media pages. With social media, it’s also much easier to gain traction since millions of people are already on these platforms.

Plan out these posts based on puzzles you’ve seen. This can either be like ‘Finding Waldo’ where your social media followers try to find an Easter egg in your posts (like a product that you’re launching) or it can be a poster designed like a jumbled puzzle to draw more curiosity.


  • Create Easter collections and bundles based on different customer groups


Personalize your store to make gift shopping easier. While you would already have collections for different kinds of customers, you can narrow it down to collections that consist of gifts for a child, parent, or a spouse, depending on the kind of products you sell.

Another way to personalize a customer’s experience on your store is by creating product bundles. Product bundles are individual products put together as a one package. Bundles help stores sell more.

If someone wants to gift their daughter a paint set, they’ll want to buy all the items- brushes, paints, sketchbook, etc- all together than spending too much time looking for each individual items. So, if you sell art products, you can put together a beginner’s painting bundle to entice this customer to opt for your store and save time by purchasing your bundle.

product bundle

Check out these product bundle apps on Shopify App Store.

Once you’ve created your product bundles, you can promote them using push notifications, your newsletters and even on social media to garner interest.

Faster Ways to Market Your Easter Sale

Holiday season always accompanies short-lived sales. So, while fun and creative marketing campaigns make you popular, you still need to bring people to your Easter sale before the sale ends.

Visitors may drop by your online store for an Easter egg hunt or to browse your product bundle. They may even opt into your push notifications or subscribe to your emails but there is a high chance that they may not purchase on their first visit.

Push notifications can help bring these one-time visitors back.

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By sending a push notification, you can directly reach all your subscribers, even one-time visitors and bring them back to your store to shop before your sale ends. Push notifications are delivered straight to the visitor’s screen, allowing you to reach them immediately.

Pro tip: Use phrases like “Only 24 hours’ or ‘Ends soon’ to create urgency and prompt quick action.

To help you spread the Easter joy, we created a few cracking campaign ideas:

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