Push Marketing for Shopify Stores: Valentine’s Day Tips and Inspiration

Planning a promotion this Valentine’s Day? Drive more sales by picking up a few tips for your store and using our push notification ideas to promote your discounts instantly.

It’s no surprise why Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest highlights for a store owner. Couples everywhere are celebrating by buying each other tokens of love and store owners have all the liberty to leverage this occasion.

In 2018, shoppers in the United States spent $30.3 billion during Valentine’s Day. This year, an average shopper is predicted to spend $221.34.

Which store wouldn’t want a piece of this love pie?

To maximize the opportunities that Valentine’s Day gives, it’s up to store owners to optimize their store and ensure shoppers don’t have to spend too much time to find gifts for their loved ones.

There are 2 ways we recommend that you optimize your store:

  1. Reorganize your storefront
  2. Direct marketing your Valentine’s Day sale

Reorganizing Your Storefront for the Holiday

During this season, your visitors have one goal: to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. By reorganizing your store to fit their current needs, you can make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Since you have very little time to make a good impression, ensure that you’ve placed the most relevant information right at the top. Here are some tips:

  • Edit the text in the Announcement bar to talk about your Valentine’s Day Sale. If your theme doesn’t have an announcement bar, you can install a Quick Announcement Bar app.
  • Change the first banner to a more romantic design that announces your sale.
  • Curate a collection of products perfect as Valentine’s Day gifts. This collection will make shopping for this holiday much easier for your visitors. You can also curate different collections based on gender or product type for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Insert buttons- ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’- below the banner to allow shoppers to navigate to the relevant collection faster.

Marketing Valentine’s Day Sale

Everyone’s a last minute shopper during Valentine’s Day. They’re looking to grab the best deals that they come across, without having to spend too much time browsing online. As a store owner, it’s crucial to use a marketing tool that sends promotions about your Valentine’s Day sale to shoppers immediately.

With push notifications, you can reach shoppers where they live- their device screens. Whether it’s their desktop or their smartphone, a push notification shows up on the subscriber’s screen- no third party platform or inbox required.

One PushOwl feature that Shopify stores use when promoting their short-lived sales is Flash Sale. This feature allows stores to set an expiry date on their promotions so that shoppers don’t receive the notification after the sale is over. It enables stores to keep their promotions fresh.

Learn more about the Flash Sale feature and how to implement it.

To help you spread your message of love and increase sales for Valentine’s Day, we created a few love-themed campaign ideas:

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