Push Notification Best Practices for Fitness and Nutrition Brands

As an online business, you either create a community or a following. With their shared values of living healthy, fitness and nutrition brands can easily carve a devoted community online. In this way, marketing on social media becomes a conversation, more than just posting content.

For these brands, push notifications may not seem like a marketing platform where you can have conversations with your subscribers. But, despite being short and sweet, you can get as creative as you want with your push marketing. Even with a character limit, there are different kinds of promotions that you can send to complement your existing marketing efforts.

We’ve created a guide for Fitness and Nutrition brands to help you couple your social media presence with push notifications without changing the way you communicate with your audience.

Here’s what we’ll be diving into:

Narrowing Down Your Target Audience

Understanding the kind of people who shop from your store and their expectations allows you to set a strong framework for your campaigns. With this framework, you can steer your tone and the kinds of campaigns you put out- ensuring that you are serving the right kind of promotions and increasing your click-through rates.

Ask the following questions to get into the mind of your customer –

1. Who would your typical customer be? How old are they?

How old would your customers be? What do they do? Most fitness and nutrition brands have customers who prioritize their health. This will help you to create copy tailored to them.

2. What does your customer sound like? What language do they expect the brand to use?

This question better explains and maintains a consistent language for your brand. As an authority figure, your customers would expect your store to sound confident and provide advice about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. What do you offer that brings them to your store?

This could be the element that makes you stand out among your competition. Many consumers opt for certain fitness brands because of the motivating messages they put out while others are more attracted to the stores who send no-nonsense, value-adding promotions.

4. What are the expectations that your customer has towards your brand?

You can gauge your customer’s expectations by analyzing the reviews you receive. Some may write that they expect you to recommend top health tips while others may want to repeat their past orders as quickly as possible. These learnings can be applied to your marketing. If you receive requests to help customers find the right protein powder for them, you can write a blog post about it and repurpose it into an email, Instagram post, and even a push notification.

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Tone of Voice that Suits Fitness and Nutrition Brands

The tone that you emulate in your push notifications depends on the kind of brand you are. After analyzing your target audience, you would have learned what kind of language you should and shouldn’t use.

The tone of voice you use in your push notifications shapes how your customers see you. Whether it’s an energetic tone or an inspiring tone, fitness and nutrition brands sound like someone who is positive and open to healthy living. You may already have a distinct voice for your brand but if you’re looking to change your style or haven’t found the right tone for your store, we’ll get you started.

Here are 3 tones of voice that we recommend to fitness and nutrition brands:

1. Fun and Energetic Tone

Many fitness brands take on the ‘cheerleader’ role by constantly hyping their customers. These brands are rooting for their customers. Brands like Protein World use affirmatives and enthusiastic messages across their copy to maintain this tone.

2. Witty Tone

If your brand relies on humor and puns to communicate with your customers, this tone is for you! Grab inspiration from Innocent Drinks, a beverage brand that has spun a unique narrative for its products with this tone.

3. Inspirational and Positive Tone

Most fitness and nutrition brands focus on motivating their customers by emulating a happy and spirited tone. Instead of hyping their customers with their energy, brands that use this tone are reasonably encouraging. With many users opting to follow Instagram pages that post motivational quotes, this tone is highly popular.

You can explore other tones of voice with this concise guide to Tones of Voice for Push Notifications.

Top 3 Types of Campaigns

Some stores prefer to send only one kind of promotions while others like to keep their marketing interesting by sending different kinds of promotions. Vital Proteins sends a variety of push notifications about their giveaways, product spotlights based on their benefits, and deal-based promotions.

1. Product Advise and Hacks

One of the best kinds of promotions you can send to your customers is benefits, hacks, and advise. Share health hacks, benefits of certain products that you sell, or advise on when or how you should use a product. By adding value, you can build a deeper trust between you and your customers.

2. Collection Promotion

With so many products being sold, it’s best to give your subscribers an option over what kind of product they want to browse. Some may prefer to decrease carbs in their food while others may want to consume vitamin supplements. Presenting your collections rather than focusing on a single product will cater to a wider customer base.

3. Social Media Crossover

Most fitness brands are highly active on social media, posting on a regular basis and building a strong community. Repurpose your social media posts into push notifications to maximize your efforts and engage with your customers on different platforms.

These are just 3 of the many types of promotions you can send. You can pick from a range of campaigns from our blog post on the 13 Types of Campaigns That Drive Higher Sales.

Push Notification Hacks for Fitness and Nutrition Brands

Customers of fitness and nutrition stores are part of a tight-knit community. By implementing these hacks, you can replicate this sense of community within your push marketing as well.

1. Send motivational push notifications for a weekly dose of energy

Create a notification series that runs weekly to send motivational quotes to your subscribers. This is better suited for those who adopt the fun and energetic tone across their marketing platforms. This kind of positive posts is bound to make your subscribers feel special.

2. Prioritize benefit sharing as much as selling your products

Your products are made to deliver some health benefit to your customer. Highlight this message within your push notification copy to emphasize on what your subscriber gains by buying the product.

3. Repurpose content from a social media takeover into push notifications

Transform your push notification subscriber list into a community by turning your push notifications into a personal communication channel. Repurpose the content that your influencers create when they takeover your social media. You can turn this content into push notifications- whether it’s about their healthy lifestyle or the kind of products they use to stay fit.

Campaign Ideas to Get You Started:

We’ve crafted a few campaign ideas to get you started with push notifications and help you engage with your subscribers better.

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And guess what- there’s more where that came from!

Download our Notification Packet for Fitness and Nutrition Brands with editable hero images to implement the above ideas and more!