Push Notification Best Practices for Consumer Electronics Brands

The tech industry is changing rapidly. It feels like every day, there’s a shiny new gadget in the market to replace yesterday’s latest electronics. It’s important for consumer electronic stores to give their customers instant updates and send their promotions in a timely manner, ensuring they can boost sales for their store.

By optimizing their marketing strategy and using the best hacks based on industry practices, consumer electronics stores can ensure that they sell more with web push notifications

Here’s what we’ll be diving into:

Narrowing Down Your Target Audience

By understanding your target audience- who they are and what they expect from your brand- you can tailor your push notification copy to resonate with them and make them engage with your promotions more effectively.

Ask the following questions to get into the mind of your customer –

1. Who would your typical customer be? How old are they?

Understanding your customers- from their age to their preferences- can help you tailor your messaging and cater to them exclusively. A consumer electronics brand has a younger demographic.

2. What does your customer sound like? What do they value?

This question better explains and maintains a consistent language for your brand. For many consumer electronics brands, customers value functionality in the products and prefer simple language that explains the products well.

3. What do you offer that brings them to your store?

This could be the element that makes you stand out among your competition. Headphone Zone is popular for its large audiophile community. They also offer extensive specifications about each of their products, making it easier for their customers to pick the gadget of their choice.

4. What are the expectations that your customer has towards your brand?

Your customer’s expectations depend on what they value about the products you sell. Some customers may want more specifications about your gadgets. Meanwhile, other users may want a comparison of the latest smartphones or headphones that are in the market. These learnings can help you send push campaigns that will receive more engagement.

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Tone of Voice that Suits Consumer Electronics Brands

The tone that you emulate in your push notifications depends on the kind of brand you are. After analyzing your target audience, you would have learned what kind of language you should and shouldn’t use.

Consumer electronics brands emulate a particular type of tone based on how they speak to their audiences. Some stores prefer to use a simple and straightforward tone to ensure that they come across as a leader in the space. Meanwhile, other stores use a witty or playful tone in their copy to give their brand a personality that stands out.

Consumer Electronic brands often see great results with these 3 kinds of tones –

1. Witty Tone

Who doesn’t look a little chuckle? Crafting your copy with the intent to be witty can be tough, but if you nail this tone, you are sure to engage your customers better.

Headphone Zone is one consumer electronics brand that laces a little humor when crafting copy for its promotions. From referencing pop songs to using music puns, the brand crafts promotions that are bound to make subscribers crack a smile.

2. Straightforward Tone

If your customers are all about the specifications, a straightforward tone is best suited for you. With this tone, you can cut to the chase and talk about the features instead of using frills to entice your customers. A benefit to using this tone is that you can put all your focus on talking about the top features of the product.

3. Creative and Simple Tone

One of the best ways to market your product is to get visual with your words. Use your copy to describe the problem that your product solves or a striking feature that is unmissable. Adding creative flair to your copy can allow you to catch your customers’ attention quickly.

Apple is one brand that uses an innovative and crisp tone to make its customers eager for its products.

You can explore other tones of voice with this concise guide to Tones of Voice for Push Notifications.

Top 3 Types of Campaigns

With numerous types of campaigns that you can send, it’s important to narrow down your focus and find the promotions that are successful with your customers.

For instance, Headphone Zone has seen success with weekly notifications that announce a sale on the sale. They also see great engagement with promotions that announce and launch new products on their store.=

Finding the right kind of promotion for your store takes some trial and error. But, if you’re looking to narrow down from the many kinds of promotions you can send for your consumer electronics brand, we’ve got some types of campaigns that you can get started with:

1. Product Launch

With new gadgets coming into your store regularly, electronics stores need to focus on promotions that focus on announcing and creating a hype around a new product as soon as it’s released. By giving new products a spotlight in the first few days of its launch, you can ensure that you reach your audience and create an impact immediately.

Make a sequence of 3 push campaigns to launch your new product. You can use the first notification to tease the release of a new product. Hint about the features and announce a countdown in the second one. Finally, your third campaign can introduce the product and get customers to make the purchase.

2. Testimonials

Social proof is a proven method to gain authority and prove your products’ credibility. One way to do this is by using what your customers say about you in your marketing by sending testimonial campaigns.

You can send a push campaign to your subscribers with a quote from a review left by a customer, showing subscribers what the best feature of that product is. You can even take your marketing to the next level with a picture of the product taken by the customer themselves.

3. Price Drop

Some of your gadgets may be popular with your audience, but the price may stop most customers from making the purchase. Many stores send price drop campaigns when the price of a best-selling product drops. As a consumer electronics store, you can gauge and understand which products’ price drop needs to be announced among your subscribers.

Pro-tip: You can choose to set up the Price Drop Alert automation on the PushOwl dashboard. This allows your visitors to subscribe to be notified when the price of a particular product drops. Learn how you can set up Price Drop Alerts.

These are just 3 of the many types of promotions you can send. You can pick from a range of campaigns from our blog post on the 13 Types of Campaigns That Drive Higher Sales.

Push Notification Hacks for Consumer Electronics Brands

Here are some hacks that we’ve seen stores selling electronics put in place to boost your credibility and urge their shoppers to make purchases faster.

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1. Add buttons on notifications to allow users to read your blog about the gadgets

According to a study by Brafton, 48 percent of tech buyers review between two and five content pieces before making a purchase decision. Posting detailed guides on your store’s blog and promoting them using push notifications allows you to serve your subscriber base better and persuade them to make a quicker decision about the gadgets they are looking at.

2. Use urgency to get your subscribers to act faster

Gadgets are constantly evolving to fit the ever-changing needs of the consumer and this means that your products have a short shelf life. It’s crucial to get shoppers interested and convert them into purchasers quickly. Headphone Zone uses phrases like ‘24 Hours to Go’ and ‘Time is Running Out …⏳’ to make their subscribers act fast. Read more about using urgency in your copy.

3. Enable Abandoned Cart Reminders to ensure you recover your carts successfully.

E-commerce stores are all too familiar with the painful issue of abandoned carts on their store. For stores that sell electronics, this is a bigger issue since their products are expensive. Every abandoned cart means losing a large purchase order. By setting up Abandoned Cart Reminders, you can reduce the number of carts abandoned and increase your purchases. Read more about Abandoned Carts and how you can set it up.

Campaign Ideas to Get You Started:

Brainstorming for great campaign ideas is time-consuming. With the numerous tasks that any store owner has, it’s not always possible to carve out time to craft new push campaigns. This is why we’ve come up with a few push notifications that you’re free to use:

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Download our Notification Packet for Consumer Electronics Brands with editable hero images to implement the above ideas and more!

What push notification hacks work for your electronics brand? Let us know if you have any ideas and suggestions to optimize push marketing specifically for your store.