Push Notification Best Practices: Finding the Optimal Frequency of Push Notifications

How many is too many?

That’s the question that plagues us all.

With any marketing tool, there is always one simple query: How many promotions is the right amount?

You asked this question when you started email marketing. Now, you’re wondering what works best for push notifications.

Why is it Important to Find Your Frequency?

It’s crucial to find the right balance for your push notifications. Sending too many or too few notifications can be damaging to your campaign performance, subscriber count, and even to your store sales.

Here are the common results that are seen when stores send too many push notifications:

  • Low click-through: When your notification frequency increases, the average click-through rates drop. This is because receiving too many notifications can make your subscribers indifferent to your promotions.
  • High unsubscribe rate: Sending too many notifications can be considered as spamming, which could prompt your subscriber to opt out of your notifications entirely.

But, sending too few campaigns can also hamper your performance.

  • Low engagement: Alienating your subscriber base instead of keeping them informed regularly can make your rare promotions (and your store) easily forgettable. This can lower your visibility as a brand.
  • Low conversion rate: The fewer campaigns you send, the fewer opportunities you have to turn your subscribers into customers.

It may just be a small message that shows your subscriber’s screen but, unless you’re sending relevant messages at regular intervals, your subscribers will tune it out. By finding your optimal frequency, you can help boost your engagement and, ultimately, your sales.

But, there’s a catch.

The right frequency is subjective to your store, the kind of products you sell and your customer base.

Like email, the best practices for your push notification frequency depends on factors specific to your store. It’s best to experiment with the number of notifications you send per week and pinpoint what works better for your brand. Some stores may find that their campaigns perform best when they send one notification per week. Meanwhile, others may receive great results when they send 4 campaigns per week.

The most effective way to figure out your push notification frequency is with trial-and-error.

Use our infographic to adjust your frequency and find the right number of campaigns for your store. With this guide, you can understand the benchmark for notification frequency set by other stores in your industry, figure out what time of the year you should increase the number of notifications you send, and know what kinds of products require fewer notifications.

We hope this infographic has helped you find your ideal frequency. By knowing how many notifications bring the best results for your Shopify store, you can see better growth for the quality campaigns that you send to your subscribers.