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Push Notification Best Practices – The Ideal Length (2020)

Note: This blog has been updated as of February 2020.

Browser updates affect your push notifications as well. One question that we frequently hear from merchants is “Why is my push notification title and (or) message not being displayed completely?” Read on to learn push notification best practices and ensure your push notifications are of the optimal length to get your message across without being cut off.

Let’s look at these platforms/browsers in a bit more detail.



On Windows 10, title supports a maximum of 63 characters before the text gets truncated. The message length stays the same, 128 characters, with or without a hero image.

The buttons show upto 21 characters after which the text is cut off.

On Windows 8 (and older versions), the title supports a maximum of ~57 characters before the text gets truncated. The message length also stays the same— 126 characters— whether a hero image is added to the notification or not.

Important note: You would notice above that on Windows, there are two different kinds of notifications. The older version is a white design and the newer version has a black layout. So, the same notification is likely to look different on two Windows devices.


On Windows 10, title shows ~49 characters without truncation, while the message can show ~200 characters.

On Windows 8 (and older versions), title shows around 54 characters without truncation, while the message can show ~200 characters.

Note: Firefox does not support hero images.


The optimal title length for Android is around 49 characters. But the message length varies depending on whether the notification contains a hero image.

Note: Each button on the notifications shows 13 characters before it gets cut off. However, if you are only using one button, your text can be upto 20 characters.


All browsers on Mac have different character limits for the title and message. It’s best if you keep your title around 30 characters and the body below 40 characters.

Important: The width of the individual characters will also affect how much of the notification is visible before it gets truncated.

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Chrome offers the best experience for web push notifications, due to higher character limits and support for hero images. And more often than not, you will end up creating notifications which will look great on Chrome, but they won’t be as effective on other platforms/browsers.

So, ensure that you design your notifications keeping the restrictions of Mac and Firefox in mind. This will ensure that your message gets across in a clear manner without being cut off.