Push Notification Best Practices for Fashion Brands

Fashion brands have a lot of room for experimentation when marketing their brand. Every time a new collection drops, fashion brands can craft wildly creative campaigns and compelling images to draw people in and turn them into customers.

Many brands selling apparel stick to a few proven and trusted platforms to promote their store. The success brands have seen from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has made it easy for stores to not have to experiment and adopt new platforms. But, push marketing is a great addition to your arsenal.

With thousands of visitors on your store, there’s very little chance that more than a small percentage of these visitors will make a purchase. Push marketing can capture these visitors as subscribers and send promotions in an attempt to convert them into customers.

In 4 months, Proozy captured 63,000 subscribers using PushOwl, with 86% of them being anonymous subscribers who have only visited the store and not purchased from them.

But, we get it. It’s hard to start promoting on a new platform without knowing the different tricks that make the platform work. We tried our best to find a comprehensive guide to push marketing for fashion brands. But there weren’t any…

So we created a kickass guide to ensure that you can make the most of push marketing for your fashion store and optimize your strategy to get the best results for your campaigns.

Here’s what we’ll be diving into:

Narrowing Down Your Target Audience

By understanding your target audience- who they are and what they expect from your brand- you can tailor your push notification copy to resonate with them and make them engage with your promotions more effectively.

Ask the following questions to get into the mind of your customer –

1. Who would your typical customer be? How old are they?

Ballpark the age and the kind of customer you have to understand how to be more appealing. Your copy will vary if you have only women customers as opposed to if you have both genders shopping from you.

2. What does your customer sound like? What language do they expect the brand to use?

This question better explains and maintains a consistent language for your brand. For instance, by pinpointing that your fashion brand uses slang but not abbreviations, you can maintain this rule throughout your push marketing strategy.

3. What do you offer that brings them to your store?

This could be the element that makes you stand out among your competition. Proozy is known for its fast-selling, deal-based products and they leverage this by sending out product promotions as soon as they update their inventory.  

4. What are the expectations that your customer has towards your brand?

You can gauge your customer’s expectations by analyzing the reviews you receive. Some may write that they expect you to lower prices, others may want to purchase unique items from your store. These learnings can be applied to your marketing. If you receive more reviews that ask for lower prices, you can send more push campaigns that focus on slashed prices and price drops.

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Tone of Voice that Suits Fashion Brands

The tone that you emulate in your push notifications depends on the kind of brand you are. After analyzing your target audience, you would have learned what kind of language you should and shouldn’t use.

What you sound like in your push notifications shapes how your customers see you. Most brands have a distinct voice that they have already set in stone for marketing platforms like email and social media. But, if your brand is looking to pin down a tone of voice for your marketing or even just revamping your style, we’ll get you started.

Fashion brands often see great results with these 3 kinds of tones –

1. Straightforward Tone

Brands like TenTree are down-to-earth and calm, and they emulate this simplistic tone in everything they do. Brands that use this tone aren’t looking for glamour. They want to be as straightforward as possible while conveying their message.

2. Clickbait and Suspense

Clickbait is a popular form of tone used to hook customers and make them curious enough to click through. Brands like Tiger Mist and Fashion Nova use this suspenseful tone to bring more engagement to their promotions.

3. Charming and Flirty Tone

One of the most popular tones used by fashion brands is the charming and flirty tone. Brands like Bright Swimwear use this tone to come across as friendly and earn brownie points among their customers.

You can explore other tones of voice with this concise guide to Tones of Voice for Push Notifications.

Top 3 Types of Campaigns

Like email, you can experiment and send different kinds of promotions with push notification. Some stores prefer to keep things interesting by sending different kinds of promotions.

Other stores maintain a consistency that their customers look forward to by sending one kind of promotion on a regular basis. For instance, Proozy, an activewear brand, sends deal-based, time-sensitive product promotions almost every day.

1. Collection Promotion

Since fashion stores have a variety of clothes, it’s best to send promotions that don’t focus on one product but your collections as a whole. Unless you sell one-of-a-kind clothes and have a limited number of items in your inventory, it doesn’t make sense to send individual product promotions. Promoting your collections allows you to cater to your broad customer base, some of whom may be interested in pants while others may be interested in dresses.

2. Engaging Customers

According to Yotpo, fashion store owners enjoy an average customer return of 10.5%. Send push campaigns to this segment of repeat customers with the objective to bring them back for their third or even sixth purchase. You can also use Shopify Flow to set up a workflow to send a discount to a repeat customer who has bought from your store more than five times.

3. Flash Sale

Shopify found that apparel is the top-selling item during flash sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A time-sensitive sale is all you need to make your customers revisit your store and convince them to purchase the item they’ve had their eye on. Host monthly flash sales that create a buzz and make customers wait with bated breath.

These are just 3 of the many types of promotions you can send. You can pick from a range of campaigns from our blog post on the 13 Types of Campaigns That Drive Higher Sales.

Push Notification Hacks for Fashion Brands

What can you do to personalize your push marketing to your industry? We dug deep to find unique experiences that you can provide to your subscribers that sets you apart.

1. Prioritize user-generated hero images

There’s nothing more personalized than using real customers to showcase your products. Curate user-generated images that customers post within reviews and on social media and use them as hero images in your push notifications.

2. Change your store icon to the hero image

Hero images are crucial, especially for fashion brands that rely on images to sway decisions. But, not all your subscribers will see the hero image you send. If your subscriber is on a Mac or using Firefox, it’s likely that they won’t see your attractive hero image, making them less likely to click through and make a purchase. To get around this pesky problem, Tiger Mist changes their store icon to the hero image for the particular campaign.

3. Enable integrations between PushOwl and wishlist apps to maximize customer experience

A customer looking to purchase new clothes is bound to wishlist a few items so they can later pick from this shortlist. Some customers may also wishlist items so that they can buy it later. By integrating PushOwl with a wishlist app like Growave, your customers will automatically receive a push notification reminding them to purchase their wishlist items.


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Campaign Ideas to Get You Started:

Brainstorming for great campaign ideas is time-consuming. With the numerous tasks that any store owner has, it’s not always possible to carve out time to craft new push campaigns. This is why we’ve come up with a few push notifications that you’re free to use:

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Download our Notification Packet for Fashion Brands with editable hero images to implement the above ideas and more!

What push notification hacks work for your fashion brand? Let us know if you have any ideas and suggestions that optimize push marketing for your fashion store.