Push Marketing for Shopify Stores: Wedding Season Promotions

There’s no denying that the wedding industry is a massive market. Just in the United States, the wedding industry in 2016 grossed $72 billion in revenue. This means that merchants have the opportunity to tap into different needs that wedding shoppers have and incentivize their products to pull these customers to their store.

According to a study done by Zola, 40% of all weddings take place in September and October. People prefer to host their weddings from the months from May to October. This means that the months leading up to the second half of the year are filled with wedding shopping. April, in particular, would be the month that wedding-goers are doing their last minute shopping. So, it’s crucial for merchants to curate their collections to these shoppers and market their store extensively.

To help you cash in on this wedding season, we’ve put together two sets of actionable marketing ideas:

  1. Hacks to Target Wedding Shoppers
  2. Creative Wedding Themed Push Campaigns

Hacks to Target Wedding Shoppers

It’s crucial to understand who your wedding audience is- this could be brides and grooms shopping for their own weddings, or it could be friends and family shopping wedding gifts for the couple. By understanding this, you can use specific keywords and tones to target the audience that is more likely to buy from you.

  • Use Pinterest to cater to the brides and wedding goers.

These days, Pinterest is almost synonymous with wedding planning. According to a study, 40 million people turn to Pinterest every year for guidance across the wedding planning journey. That’s a massive audience that store owners can activate.

Get started with Pinterest and start pinning your products, keeping the audience in mind. For instance, if you sell flowers or bridal dresses, you can target brides specifically by using keywords like ‘Bridal Inspiration’ and pining relevant products within the board.

On the other hand, if your products include crafts, skincare accessories, or gift hampers, creating Pin boards named ‘Perfect Wedding Gifts’ would help you reach wedding-goers.

  • Create a collection on your store specifically for wedding shoppers

Shoppers aren’t as patient. With so much information on the internet, it’s important to ensure you have all the relevant information in one place. By curating a collection specifically for wedding purchases, shoppers are more likely to stick with your store.

Just like Pinterest, you can put your products in collections labeled for different purposes and with different audiences in mind- from brides, grooms, and wedding trinkets, to wedding gifts.

  • Use Instagram’s Story feature and IGTV videos to give people a sneak peek into your wedding themed products.

One of the best ways to get more attention is by giving customers an honest and fun look into your products. With Instagram bringing brands closer to their customers, it’s now easier than ever to engage with your potential customers quickly.

Create a fun video showing off the Bridal or Wedding collection from your store. You can even create a series of Instagram Story posts giving a sneak peek of how different people are preparing for the wedding season.

Creative Wedding Themed Push Campaigns

Wedding shoppers are in a rush. They visit multiple stores before deciding to buy a product. During this search, they may visit your store intending to come back for a particular product but with so many things to plan for, they may end up forgetting to return.

Push notifications can help bring these forgetful one-time visitors back.

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By sending push notifications, you can directly reach all your subscribers, even one-time visitors and bring them back to your store to shop before the wedding season ends. Push notifications are delivered straight to the visitor’s screen, and you don’t ever have to worry about being marked as spam.

Pro tip: Besides sending targeted campaigns, you can integrate PushOwl with wishlist apps like Growave and change the push notification copy within the Growave dashboard to promote your wedding season sale. Read more about how you can use this powerful integration.

To help market your store for the wedding season, we created a few campaign ideas that you’re free to use:

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