PushOwl Integrates with Leading Headless Commerce Platform Nacelle to Provide Enterprise Merchants with Web Push Solution

As eCommerce stores scale-up, some require a more dedicated and lightweight solution to host their storefront without moving away from Shopify’s sophisticated CMS. With high volume traffic and a need for mobile-first technology, many of these enterprise merchants need a custom frontend to cater to their shoppers.

Shopify’s flexibility allows these enterprise merchants to use the eCommerce platform while taking their frontend headless. 

We, at PushOwl, are dedicated to putting merchants first and cater to their different needs while allowing them to leverage web push technology for their marketing growth. This is why PushOwl now integrates with Nacelle, the leading headless commerce platform for Shopify Plus brands!

Why Headless?

Headless commerce, simply put, allows merchants to separate their frontend and backend. Most commonly, it is used to enhance frontend elements (like store design and site performance) without disrupting the existing backend infrastructure in place.

Headless commerce lets merchants set up better storefront experiences without impacting site speed. For large businesses, headless promises faster site load, flexible customizations, better search engine ranking, and streamlined frontend development.

Want to understand if headless is right for your business? Read Nacelle’s blog explaining what headless commerce is and how it helps.

We understand the need of merchants to go headless and found a great partner in Nacelle to make this process seamless. Nacelle’s game plan to deeply integrate with Shopify and the app ecosystem really pays off for their merchants to get the best of both worlds, Shopify and a headless frontend.

Shashank Kumar, Founder at PushOwl

PushOwl x Nacelle Integration

PushOwl supports merchants migrating away from the Shopify frontend and ensures that they can capture web push subscribers with a headless frontend in place. As a first step towards providing this flexibility, we now support Nacelle! 

Our team built a headless solution for Prepdeck using Nacelle and saw their conversion rate double within the first two weeks of launch. Adding PushOwl to the headless store was super simple because it only required a few easy— and well-documented— steps to fully integrate into the headless build and we had their Frontend Lead standby at all times. 

Kelly Vaughn, Founder, and CEO of The Taproom (Shopify Plus Service Partner)

To set up this Nacelle integration and enable web push on your headless store, you can follow the steps on our helpdesk

PushOwl currently still requires you to run a Shopify store (on the backend). Why is it important to add web push notifications to a headless store?

A headless store, especially hosted through Nacelle, has excellent site speed, ensuring the merchant doesn’t lose traffic and encourages more product discoverability. A headless PWA performs like a native mobile app, loading at lightning speed and removing any friction that shoppers would usually face from a website. 

By enabling web push on a headless store, you can make the experience as close to using an app, without having to turn your eCommerce site into an actual app altogether. The integration ensures that PushOwl’s JavaScript is loaded to manage the opt-in experience and also take care of the automation triggers.

The integration between PushOwl and Nacelle’s headless commerce platform enables merchants to easily implement web push notifications without sacrificing page load speeds and naturally enhances the mobile shopping experience.

Jacob Tooman, Partner Manager at Nacelle

Headless is the future of eCommerce and at PushOwl, we’re always thinking ahead to provide a flexible web push technology solution that lets merchants of all sizes communicate with their shoppers better.


Nacelle is a headless commerce platform that turns traditional eCommerce stores into lightning-fast, mobile-first progressive web apps (PWAs) resulting in 25%+ increases in conversion rates, higher average cart sizes, and the ability to handle spikes in traffic.

The Taproom is a Shopify Plus agency that helps fast-growing businesses to sell better by providing high-powered Shopify eCommerce solutions. 

PushOwl is a Shopify Plus-certified web push marketing solution used by 20k+ merchants. Shopify stores use PushOwl to increase their retention and conversion rate with broadcast campaigns and smart automations.