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Top 5 Shopify Conversion Optimization Tips for a Stellar Welcome Experience: Part 1

Your customer’s first experience with your store builds the foundation of their relationship with your brand. From how appealing the store looks to how you greet them when they land on your store, the welcome experience you provide is a crucial part of the shopper’s journey with your brand. 

To provide a positive welcome experience for your customers, there are 2 aspects that you need to keep in mind:

  1. The experience of interacting with your store, its design and appearance.
  2. The different platforms, or marketing strategies you use to welcome the customer.

While the experience of interacting with your store is in-built and focuses on optimizing your store’s navigation and appearance, the second aspect is about the Shopify marketing strategies you use to promote your products and deals to the shoppers in a way that adds value to them. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the first – the shopping experience your store provides and how you can put different Shopify conversion optimization tactics to use to improve it.

Top 5 Shopify Store Optimization Tips For Better Customer Experience 

Note: If you’re looking for Shopify marketing strategies that create memorable welcome experiences, read the second part of this blog here.

1. Pick one kind of pop-up message you want to display to your store visitor.

Imagine a visitor lands on a store and in the first few seconds, they are bombarded with a pop-up, a browser prompt, and an email opt-in widget. That’s like spamming the visitor and overwhelming them to push for purchase even before they’ve explored the store, providing a negative experience.  

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So, even if you’ve set up a few different Shopify marketing strategies on your store, don’t clutter your visitor’s first interaction with your store with too many messages. Pick one message that you want your visitors to see immediately. 

If you prioritize emails, let your email capture widget be the only pop-up that your store visitors have to interact with. Meanwhile, if you have web push notifications set up, optimize your overlay that appears with your browser prompt and deprioritize any other widget so that you can convert your visitors into subscribers without any distractions.

2. Keep your first section fresh, innovative, and relevant.

One of the best eCommerce conversion optimization hacks is to keep the first section of your store fresh and catchy. Your first section sets the tone for your store. Put a lot of thought into the image you use as well as the copy. 

What can you say to your customers that will make your store stand out? Are you promoting your latest collection or sharing a discount? 

Once you’ve perfected the copy for this section and picked the image that reflects your store, add a button to lead the shoppers to one of your curated collections. Some stores set up a ‘Bestsellers’ collection while others link the section to the ‘New Arrivals’.  

Pro tip: Keep this section updated so you are delivering relevant information to your customer as soon as they land on your Shopify store. If you’re running a sale, change the image and copy to hype the sale or even show a countdown timer that creates urgency. You can even update the first section to reflect the holidays being celebrated, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. 

And if you have multiple announcements to make, don’t be afraid to use a slider. A slider can even make your shoppers stop and look through your deals. Here’s how Proozy does it—

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3. Enhance navigation

  • Keep your navigation menu straightforward.

Cluttering your navigation with every page and collection is one of the most common mistakes when setting up your Shopify store. Optimize your eCommerce store for higher conversions by keeping fewer items on your navigation menu. You can choose to display a few dropdowns that categorize your products by brand, price, and deals, like how Headphone Zone does.

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You can also set up broader categories as your menu items like product type or gender. Proozy also has a very straightforward and easy-to-use navigation menu.

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  • Organize your collections

While adding your products to your collections, be careful not to add duplicate collections. Categorizing your products is quite a heavy task and sometimes, you end up creating two similar collections or adding your products to the wrong collection. Take time to reorganize your collections, add a ‘Collection Image’ and clear up any clutter. 

Pro tip: Open your store and add ‘/collections’ to your URL. Here, you can see whether your categorization is neat, if any collection images need to be changed, and 

4. Secure your checkout with trust badges.

Baymard Institute found that 19% of shoppers abandon their cart because of concerns about payment security. Addressing this concern makes a huge difference in how much you sell. One study by Blue Fountain Media found that trust badges led to 42% increase in sales. 

Assure your shoppers about your safe and secure checkout by installing a Shopify App that places trust badges on your checkout screen like Free Trust Badges. When a new customer first lands on your store and start browsing your products, the trust badges will give your store more credibility and make the shopper less hesitant about purchasing from you.

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5. Include high-quality product images.

In a customer’s mind, the product image reflects on the quality of the product. This is why you must ensure that you use only high-quality images on your stores. Don’t forget to add detailed shots of the product. Bonus points if you can add context to your product and place it in its natural environment. For example, if you sell wallets, show the wallet in the hands of a customer.

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What’s more? With the new 3D product model feature that will be available on Shopify soon, you can add more depth to these product pages. This will allow shoppers to truly experience the products they are interested in purchasing. This feature will allow you to display video or 3D models on your product page as well as power your product pages with custom integrations and AR experiences. Learn more about the newest features that Shopify will be launching.

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What eCommerce conversion tactics do you prioritize to ensure you are providing a great welcome experience for your customers?