Top 5 Shopify Conversion Optimization Tips for a Stellar Welcome Experience: Part 2

The first few seconds of a shopper’s visit on your store can make or break your relationship with them. A warm message on your live chat or an interactive pop-up is sure to delight your shopper and make them more inclined to stay on your store, browse through the products, and even turn them into a loyal customer. This is why creating a welcome experience for your shoppers is an important part of your Shopify marketing strategy.  

To provide a positive welcome experience for your shoppers, there are two aspects that you need to keep in mind:

  1. The experience of interacting with your store, it’s design and appearance.
  2. The different platforms, or Shopify marketing strategies you use to welcome your customer.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Shopify marketing strategies you can implement on the store to create a memorable first experience for shoppers.

Top 5 Shopify Marketing Strategies For a Stellar Welcome Experience

If you’re interested in optimizing your store’s welcome experience within your store, read this blog about the Top 5 Shopify Store Optimization Tips For Better Customer Experience. 

1. Show visitors a fun pop-up when they land on your store

You may be skeptical of implementing pop-ups, but when used right, they convert even better than emails. According to a Sumo study, the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is about 3.09%. Comparing this to email’s conversion rate of 2.61%, 

How does a pop-up enhance your shopper’s experience with your Shopify store? An enticing message on the pop-up can make them inclined to subscribe to your updates, come back to the store a second time, or even purchase on their first visit. You can gamify the popup by adding a spinning wheel to it, share a message about your Facebook community, or just provide a discount code they can use. These are straightforward yet effective Shopify marketing strategies to use on your pop-ups to boost conversions.

Set it up: Apps like WooHoo allow you to gamify pop-ups. When the pop-up appears for your shoppers, it will show them a fun spin wheel or a card game that gives them a chance to grab a discount. In this way, a new visitor is likely to stay on your Shopify store longer and end up purchasing from you.

2. Automated welcome push notification

With so much information to consume on the Internet, online shoppers have a shorter attention span and are likely to only spend 11.1 seconds reading marketing content like emails. This is why many of the top eCommerce stores have picked up Shopify marketing strategies like web push notifications to send crisp and enticing promotions.

Web push notifications are sent straight to your subscriber’s screen, making them highly visible. With the right web push notification app, you can set up automated notifications for different use cases— review requests, back-in-stock alerts, wishlist updates, cart abandonment reminders, and welcome notifications, to name a few. 

Set up an automated welcome notification that appears when the visitor first subscribes to your store to shape your visitor’s first impression of your store.

Shopify marketing strategies

Set it up: PushOwl has an automated welcome notification feature that sends a notification when a visitor subscribes to your store’s notification. You can use this automation to send a discount for subscribing or just a fun message, welcoming them to your store. Read more about Automated Welcome Notifications.

3. Greet them with an automated welcome email 

Email marketing has become an even more popular form of marketing. But, these days, marketers see better click-through rates with behavior-based email promotions. From cart abandonment reminders to emails cross-selling products that the customer has already purchased— behavior-based emails are highly relevant and cater to the shopper’s intent instead of promoting a general offer on your eCommerce store. This is also why welcome emails are highly recommended by marketers.

According to Invesp, welcome emails, on average, generate up to 320% more revenue per email as compared to other promotional emails. A welcome email is an excellent opportunity for you to make the shopper feel like a part of your community and provide them a warm welcome to your store. Have you set up loyalty points? You can use your welcome email to explain your rewards system and even send your new subscriber points for signing up!

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Set it up: Apps that Klaviyo have automated welcome email campaigns which enable you to set up welcome emails that are sent to new email subscribers. You can use this welcome email to let your shoppers know about your best collections, provide a discount code, or even just share some fun facts about your brand. You can also read this blog by marketing expert, Ben Zettler, about the 3 ways you can sell with email.

4. Loyalty points to create a feeling of community

Loyalty points have proven to make a difference in how much a customer shops from a store. Fundera notes that loyalty program members spend between 12-18% more per year than non-loyalty program members. 

A loyalty program gamifies your visitor’s interactions with your Shopify store. From their signup to their first purchase, loyalty points make purchasing from your store a fun and rewarding activity. 

Enable loyalty points within your shopper’s first interaction with you to foster a sense of community from the beginning. You can choose what your welcome loyalty points would look like based on your goals for growing the store. You can incentivize different shopper activities like creating an account, subscribing to email, creating wishlists and liking your Facebook page, and sharing their first purchase as ways to welcome the shopper onto your Shopify store. 

Shopify marketing strategies

Set it up: Use apps like or LoyaltyLion to create a fun and engaging loyalty program. Decide on the different rewards you want to provide to make your loyalty program an exciting part of shopping with you. Read more about how you can effectively use this Shopify marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty.

5. Automated welcome message on live chat

When visiting a physical store, a customer is usually greeted by a sales representative who asks them if they need help. While most customers usually decline help, it’s always nice to know that asking for help with their specific needs is an option. 

As an eCommerce store, providing this personalized experience is a necessary feature to grow your store and ensure a positive experience for shoppers.

Set up live chat functionalities on your Shopify store to cater to your shopper’s queries and assist them while they shop from you. Most eCommerce stores have a dedicated support team that works in shifts to provide live chat experiences to shoppers in different time zones. With a strong customer support team to welcome your shoppers to your store, you’ll notice that your new visitors will be more inclined to become customers and even come back again to shop from you.

Shopify marketing strategies

Set it up: Apps like Tidio Live Chat and Giorgias allow you to set up an automated welcome message within your live chatbox. This chatbox is shown to your visitors when they land on the store. Want some best practices for your welcome messages? Read this blog by Crisp

These Shopify marketing strategies are used by top eCommerce stores to enhance the welcome experience they provide to a new shopper and ensure a repeat visit from them. Implement these strategies and always test different tactics, measure results and optimize them to create a positive welcome experience that guarantees higher conversions.

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