How to get wishlisted items to checkout

Shopify Wishlist: How To Get Wishlisted Items To Checkout

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine a store without a wishlist feature, because it is no longer just nice to have, it’s a necessity. All age groups are shopping online checking their wishlists and updating them on a regular basis. It should come as no surprise; customers just enjoy the opportunity a wishlist creates for them: to save items ‘for later’ if they can’t purchase at that moment and easily find them whenever they return back.

To make customers buy is not an easy task, but if you have products that they liked, you are already halfway to success. 🙂

Here below we have brought you an analysis of the ways of using wishlists that can help turn customer desires into real sales. So you just have to keep reading.

Wishlist reminders to convert shoppers intent to sales

1. Saved in wishlists

If you want to persuade customers to shop from your store, you need clearly understand what they really want. And wishlist is the first helper here. Just let your visitors add items to the wishlist.

With Growave you can do it even more effectively, providing them a simple and funny way to create, manage and share their lists as well as collecting their email addresses for the future wishlist reminder campaigns. Like Dharma Bums, a famous Australian clothing brand that uses it like this:

dharma bums wishlist

Wishlists are highly regarded in the eCommerce industry. They help get insights into the products that most of the consumers find most appealing. Business and marketers can then use this information to adjust the pricing or stock levels, create promotions or sell similar products that customers are showing an interest in.

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But what wishlists also do, is solve a top priority for an online store – growing their email list. Added to that, it ensures reliable delivery of emails with the appropriate product and related unique offer to each individual customer.

Like any other successful online marketing program, wishlist reminder emails include a call to action button that makes it possible to continue the shopping anytime from any device with one click.

growave email wishlist

2. On sale

If the ordinary wishlist reminders with the saved items didn’t bring any results the best time to encourage a final buy is when the desired items have been reduced in price or just are on sale.

This information will be much more meaningful for customers because shoppers use wishlists not only as reminders of things to buy but also as a track for the price to drop. A win-win game, right? 🙂

So they will appreciate your care and personalized attitude!

growave email on sale

3. Back in stock

No need to lose customers just because of temporarily unavailable items. With the help of wishlists, you can deal with both, in stock and out of stock items, i.e. you can greatly minimize losses.

Just let your customers save the out of stock product to their wishlist and don’t forget to notify them via email once it is back in supply.

back in stock with growave

4. Missing variants are available

People have different body constitution, preferences in color, price, etc. So the more choice the better! This is especially true for e-commerce with no chance to determine the shopper’s age and other features from the shop owner’s end. As for too choosy consumers, product variants are the only solution.

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But then again, we all love choices. With simple wishlists, you keep the products visible and are able to send email reminders about them before the customer loses interest!

missing variant email growave

5. Even more powerful wishlist alerts

It’s time when a web push notification comes handy. There is a Partner Integration between Growave and PushOwl that can let you reach your customers everywhere on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms. You can easily grow your business by sending right automatic web push notifications for the wishlist reminders to the right audience at the right time.

Improving conversion via another level of Social Proof

A wishlist is a very useful feature in eCommerce which is considered as a key ingredient for exceptional customer experience. It doesn’t just make it easy for a shopper to save products they are interested in, but also builds brand loyalty.

A wishlist is more than just about saving products you like and we think it is absolutely crucial to driving more sales.

How do you use your customer’s wishlist to drive more sales?

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This post is written by Nargiz Mendekeeva, the content marketing manager at Growave, an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease. You can check her latest posts here.

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