Success Stories: Steiner Sports on Marketing Collectibles Using PushOwl

This Shopify Plus store sells sports memorabilia and uses push notifications as a marketing tool to send promotion about their fast selling products.

Average order value of recovered carts is $218 and the ROI earned from PushOwl is 183x

About Steiner Sports

Steiner Sports, one of the top Shopify Plus stores, is known for selling sports memorabilia and artifacts. Started as a sports marketing company, the brand is currently the go-to platform for fans of top athletes and sports teams to find and collect rare and impressive memorabilia. Steiner Sports has more than a million followers and continues to see positive responses from their loyal customer base.

Marketing Before Push

Steiner Sports has a well-rounded marketing strategy and they actively maximize their efforts by using multiple channels- email marketing, social media, paid advertising, remarketing. The way that customers consume content is continuously changing. Steiner Sports is constantly evolving their marketing to remain the go-to brand for sports collectibles while staying on top of the competition.

Why PushOwl?

Steiner Sports started using push notifications because it was another medium that could help drive sales. Knowing that push notification could bring better reach than social posts or email, Steiner Sports installed PushOwl.

“Initially it (push notifications) was something we wanted to explore because it seemed like a low-cost option which would have high impact.”

– Ben Zettler, marketing manager at Steiner Sports

PushOwl works out of the box. Since implementing the app was fast and straightforward, Steiner Sports found that it was their best option.

The PushOwl Reaction

30367 subscribers, 3.7% average click rate, and 5.3% best click rate from PushOwl

Steiner Sports has a deal-based marketing strategy. Their promotions are usually price-driven or based on product scarcity. So, when the store announces a sale or launches a new product, they use push notifications to activate their subscribers and bring more interest to the promotion faster.

The brand crafts notifications that tell their subscribers about their ‘Deal of the Day’, new price drops, and flash sales. They use words that elicit urgency, bringing more attention to their products. Most of their campaigns use a suspenseful tone, prompting their subscribers to click through to the store to find out more about the deal offered.

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During Black Friday, Steiner Sports made a $30K revenue using push notifications as a channel to promote their BFCM sale.

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When asked about their impressions on push notifications, here’s what Ben Zettler, marketing manager for Steiner Sports, had to say:

“Push notification is a powerful tool to reach your customers. It’s crucial to take time and pay attention to crafting the copy you put into the notification and finding the right image for that notification. The more attention paid to creating your notification, the better off your campaigns would be.”

Going forward, Ben hopes to segment their audience based on their interest and send them promotions tailored to the kind of sports teams they follow and their past browsing history.

Impact on Abandoned Carts

335 abandoned carts recovered and $73282 revenue made from ACR

This automation feature allows the brand to retrieve a large number of their abandoned carts very quickly. Since the average order value of a cart that Steiner Sports recovers using PushOwl is $218, the Abandoned Cart feature ensures that the store doesn’t lose out on orders from their high-value customers.

“The Abandoned Cart automation allows us to reach and retrieve customers in an innovative way and it has now become an integral part of our marketing strategy.”