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The Era of Push Marketing

Push Notifications are direct marketing tools which allow you to send sales notifications and automated reminders to your customers. Read more to learn more about this powerful marketing tactic.

This morning, I woke up to 11 emails and 7 push notifications. After cursing my alarm and shaking off the grogginess, I did what every productivity expert has warned against: I grabbed my phone and started to crack down on all my messages.

A few minutes later, I had sorted through the emails, with most of them ending up in the trash. The notifications? I took my time with those. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my favorite online store… it took me a few seconds to read those notifications before I swiped them away. But, the notification from my favorite store got special treatment. I took a screenshot to save the discount code for later.

Look, I’m sure your promotional emails are filled with compelling copy and seem to be exciting, but they aren’t the only one that your customer receives. Every other company thinks the same about their emails.

It’s like Russian Roulette: will your email be the one your customer will open that morning?

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If they open your email, yay! You’ve crossed the first obstacle.

But you stumble upon the next challenge: do you think they’ll take the time to read a 100-word email? Any more than 2 minutes of your customers’ time and you’re already asking for too much of them.

With new and simpler ways to communicate, emails are not always the best way to talk to your customers.

You are living in a time where you can order groceries, take out, cabs and pretty much anything that you wish for, from the comfort of your own couch. Given the choice between standing in a line at your local supermarket and getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep, it’s a no-brainer that doorstep delivery is more appealing.

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Because it takes little effort while being effective at the same time.

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It’s time you look at marketing in the same way.

For your customers, email marketing is not always their preferred way to learn about your sale or their abandoned cart. In some cases, email marketing is as time-consuming as standing in line at a grocery store. Your customers would rather skip the line without purchasing.

So the pressure’s on you to streamline your marketing, making it ‘easy’ for your customers to interact with. As easy as ordering food from the comfort of your home.

The solution to your marketing needs lies in web push notifications.

For one, it is undervalued.

Businesses are starting to make push a part of their marketing plans. This means customers get fewer push notifications and these few get more visibility than other marketing methods.

Another advantage is that push notifications pop up right onto your visitors’ screens. Visitors don’t have to unlock their screens nor have their browsers open to read about your latest promotion.

Moreover, push notifications have less than 70 characters but subscribers get the point instantly. Your subscribers will need just 3-5 seconds to read it. With powerful copy, it’s bound to bring more clicks.

But the fundamental reason why push marketing has an advantage over email is its ability to capture subscribers who abandon their cart before checkout. Abandoned carts are a common problem for every store owner. Visitors add products to their carts without leaving any information, making it impossible to send them emails to remind them to checkout.

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It just takes 1 click for your visitors to subscribe to push notifications, without having to provide any personal details. Without push notifications, these abandoned carts would have been out of reach of your email or SMS cart recovery funnels.

And this is where using push marketing can fill in the gaps that traditional marketing can’t reach, bringing in even more sales for you.

Tip: Less is more when it comes to push marketing. Even 2 – 4 push campaigns per week can work wonders for your sales and engagement. Use features that send push notifications during your subscribers’ active hours or outside work like during weekends.

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How Can You Get Started?

Before you start sending push notifications, it’s crucial that your visitors subscribe to them. You can use the overlay feature that PushOwl provides to inform visitors about enticing offers exclusive to push notification subscribers.

As you start getting more subscribers, you can send campaigns and automated push notifications to engage your subscribers. You have several options with push notifications, including:

  • Send a discount code for subscribing. Set this up in your welcome notification, so that the first notification from you gives them an excellent experience.
  • Remind your subscribers about your upcoming sale.
  • Set up automated reminders to ensure subscribers purchase items left in their cart.
  • Send instant notifications when a subscriber is waiting for the price of a product to drop.

Once you’ve tried it yourself, you’ll soon realize that push notifications are the easiest way to grow your subscriber base and market to an audience directly.

Unlike email marketing, it allows you to directly reach your audience without requiring double opt-ins or having to stuff your website with email capture pop-ups and forms.