Retain your customers with this combo_ Messenger marketing + push notifications

The Ultimate Combo To Retain Customers (Messenger Marketing + Web Push Notifications)

It is known that retention is the second most important thing after acquisition, right? But let me ask you a couple of questions first. What type of customer do you rely on more, a new one or a recurring one? Which one do you keep in mind when you plan your marketing strategy? I really hope you answered “recurring”. Because according to research made by, repeat customers are responsible for generating as much as 40% of a store’s revenue whereas acquiring a new customer costs up to 7 times more than retaining an existing one. So let us talk about how to retain them – as they’re clearly pretty important.

What is retention?

Customer retention is everything that a brand does in order to keep the existing customers and increase the profitability of each one of them. Building a strong and loyal relationship with your buyers is the key to creating and maintaining customer retention. Just think about it, aren’t the ones who purchase again and again the best kind of customers? They are already engaged with your brand; they have already trusted you once and probably had a positive customer experience with you. They just need to be reminded that they can have this great experience more than once.

There are several ways to retain your customers, and probably even more tools for that.


For instance, in today’s world of smartphones, there are many apps that focus on retention through messaging, like SMS Bump that specifically focuses on text messages. With their brand new release called The New Segments, you can address those who have already shopped at your store.

For those who prefer messaging apps (or prefer combining several channels in their strategy, SMS and messaging apps), there is Recart, for instance.

In this blog post I am going to highlight alternatives to reserve your existing customers with the help of Messenger and push notifications. To do that, first let’s see what a Messenger marketing app can offer and then explore how to retain customers with a push notifications app, such as PushOwl.

Why Messenger Marketing?

More and more people are joining the virtual world, using emails as a formal communication platform, and Messenger as a quicker, easier way of communicating. Messenger is by far the highest converting platform as Messenger campaigns have a click rate 10x higher on average than email campaigns.

Messenger subscribers are worth 4-5x more than email subscribers as merchants can reach out to Messenger subscribers at 85% open rate and 20% click-through rate, while email can deliver only 20% open rate and 3% click-through rate.

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retain customers - messenger marketing

Push notifications? Hell yeah!

If you are wondering how to make sure that you reach not only your desktop users but the ones who prefer to browse the web via phone, push notifications are made for you. As reported by Localytics, 26% of customers like getting updated about their topics of interest and another 20% of them agreed that push notifications help boost their productivity.

Curious to hear more about it? You can find all the essential tips and tricks to help you create the most effective push notifications right here.

retain customers - web push notifications

Read the complete case study

Grab their attention as early as possible

Push notifications are perfect for early-on attention grabbing. Especially since we, digital citizens, by default know that if something showed up in the top right corner of your monitor (or on your locked screen), it must be something interesting.

The notifications appear right after your customers land on your store, they’re short but on point, and most importantly, they are hard to miss. All you need to do is to make the notifications personal, timely and use reward programs. To create the perfect push notification, here is a guide from PushOwl. Read it to find out about optimal notification frequency, best-performing copy, and choosing the most fitting images.

Always welcome your customers

Imagine having an actual, “real” store, in a mall, for example. A potential buyer comes in and starts looking around, not sure what to buy. I’m sure you would say hi, just to greet them, make them comfortable, let them know that you are there to help them if needed.

Communication is a key factor in keeping your customers loyal to your brand. Luckily, you can easily do the exact same thing in your online store with the Messenger Welcome Campaigns. After your visitors are subscribed to your store, you can send them an automated campaign to give them a warm welcome and get them to reply, and therefore open a conversation.

retain customers - welcome

Make them stay a little bit longer

The first and most important step to make your potential customers buy your products, and then come back for more, is to subscribe them. Once they are subscribed to your Facebook page, you can move forward with them. But how to do that?

One of the most crafty approaches is to use an exit intent app. As your visitors move their mouse upwards, towards the exit button, the popup with a tempting discount code gets displayed.

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If you are keen on giving it a proper go with Messenger marketing, you can try out these three different Messenger-friendly exit intent apps: Wheelio, Optimonk, and WooHoo. All three have an integration with Recart and the integration has proven to bring great subscription results. Furthermore, with the brand new Smart Display option, you can collect Messenger subscribers AND emails too.

retain customers - popup

Build trust

After a successful purchase, always make sure that your customers are satisfied. Then you can retarget them. The Messenger Receipt and the Fulfilment Notification are the perfect way of doing that. Your subscribers will receive a notification with their receipt, and when their package is on the way, they’ll receive a Fulfillment Notification too. Both of these add up to a premium class customer experience. And of course, don’t forget to reward them with a special discount code for their next purchase.

retain customers - build trust

And once all is said (or sold) and done, what’s better than getting positive feedback from happy customers? Especially if their feedback can contribute to a public display of your customers’ satisfaction – social proof is a strong tool. You can easily get such customer advocates for your own store by using a review app, such as Loox. The reviews (easily requested via Messenger) will speak for themselves. Your loyal customers will lure more potential buyers to your site, convincing them to make an order,  based on their great experience with your store.

retain customers - reviews with loox

Keep them updated

With Instant Campaigns you can send promotional content using the Smart Promotional template, which is totally Facebook-compliant. According to the Unlock Customer Obsession by Tying Business Features to Outcomes study 72% of 502 online shoppers agreed that they are “more likely to shop more frequently with retailers that send me relevant communications.” This means that all you need to do is send campaigns which contain high quality and meaningful content. This absolutely depends on you. Create campaigns which suit your brand and satisfy your subscribers.

retain customers - keep udated


Retaining your customers is not an easy task, however, with the right approach and apps such as Recart and PushOwl, you’ll definitely succeed. Make sure you make all the necessary steps in order to create a friendly and trustworthy environment for your potential buyers: welcome them, assist them, and send a notification when they might be in need of a little reminder.

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This guest post was written by Rita Kecskeméti. She helps merchants achieve great results with Recart through customer success and content creation. 

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