Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Push Notification Subscribers

The first step to create a successful push notification marketing strategy is to grow your subscriber list. While there’s no harm in sending out push campaigns with only a handful of subscribers, your marketing can have more impact if you have a larger set of subscribers to target.

Unlike other marketing channels, growing your push notification subscribers is fairly straightforward. With a highly visible and timely opt-in prompt, your store visitors can subscribe to your notifications easily. Moreover, without the double opt-in, there is no hassle of confirming the subscription.

The average opt-in rate for push notifications is 2.5% to 5%. But, if you want to maximize your subscriptions, we’ve got some ideas for you!

Pick up these tips and hacks to grow your subscriber list instantly.

1. Write a catchy overlay

The browser prompt isn’t customizable since their appearance is controlled by the browser that the user is on. Due to this, merchants have little control over how the permission is displayed on their store. But, with the overlay element, you have the option of displaying an attractive message to let your visitors know more about what they can expect from the store’s notifications.

Use the overlay to give your visitors an idea about what they can expect from your notifications.

2. Create incentives to subscribe to notifications

Many stores set up incentives for subscribing to their push notifications. These incentives vary from receiving a free gift with their next order to allowing them to unlock a tempting discount. With a persuasive offer, you can provide your visitors with a very compelling reason to click on ‘Allow’.

You can use the overlay that appears along with the browser prompt or the flyout widget to provide this incentive. 

3. Timing is key

When a visitor first lands on the website, it’s crucial to give them some time before asking permission to send push notifications. These few seconds allow them to look through the website and have a better impression of your store and the products before requiring to take any actions or get involved with the store.

Merchants can easily customize the timer for the browser prompt. On the PushOwl dashboard, you can pick when the browser prompt should show up, based on the device the visitor is on.

4. Set up Custom Prompt (previously known as 2-Step Opt-In)

With browsers making web push browser prompts silent, it’s important that you enable a customisable opt-in so that you don’t miss out on turning your store visitors into subscribers.

There are many ways you can write copy within your 2-step opt-in to nudge your visitors to subscribe:

  • Tell them about the exclusive offers or deals they will receive from your web push notifications.
  • Ask your visitors whether they want to “join your exclusive club” to get them to subscribe.
  • Give context to what your web push notifications will be about, whether it’s notifying them about new products as soon they launch or giving them access to content that no one else is privy to.
  • Illicit urgency by using phrases like “Ending now” or “Only 2 hours left”.

5. Set up Back in Stock Alerts via push notifications

Many shoppers browsing on your store may not be subscribed to your push notifications. But if a product that they are interested in is out of stock, they would be willing to subscribe to alerts. In this case, the Back in Stock feature comes in handy.

Set up the Back in Stock automation to allow shoppers to purchase a product that they are interested in. This also gives you the chance to capture visitors who never intended to subscribe.

6. Set up Price Drop Alerts with push notifications

Just like products that are out of stock, some browsing shoppers may be interested in purchasing a product when the price drops. By giving them the option to subscribe to alerts, you can ensure an order from the subscriber from the future as well as have the opportunity to send your store promotions to them.

7. Re-engage visitors who blocked your push notifications with flyout widgets

Many store visitors are likely to dismiss or click on ‘Block’ the minute the browser prompt shows up. But it’s important to ensure your store can re-engage these visitors to opt into the store’s notifications. With flyout widget, you can do just that.

The flyout widget is a small flag that appears on the bottom left of your store, allowing you to display an enticing offer to visitors. You can customize this widget with a persuasive message. Read more about Flyout Widgets and how you can set it up.

8. Tease your exclusive push notifications on your social media channels


Besides ensuring you convert your store visitors, you can also bring people to your store by promoting your push notifications and the benefits that subscribers can unlock.

While you don’t need to create an Instagram post with the objective of getting more subscribers, you can put up stories on Facebook and Instagram and persuade your followers to subscribe to your store’s notifications.

9. Retain your subscribers by ensuring you send relevant notifications without spamming them.

Growing your subscriber list is also about retaining your existing subscribers. Often times, existing subscribers opt out of push notifications because the website might be sending too many or irrelevant promotions.

Without a set benchmark for the right frequency of notifications that can be sent, it’s tough to gauge how many notifications are too few or too many. Without this defined frequency, many websites end up spamming their subscribers. Avoid losing your subscribers by finding the optimal frequency for your push notification strategy.

It’s important to keep your push notifications timely and relevant. Use the ‘Flash Sale’ feature to put an expiry date on your time-sensitive push campaigns. In this way, you can avoid sending the push notification to your subscribers after the sale is over.

10. Create a referral within your welcome push notification

Once a store visitor subscribes to your push notifications, you have the option of sending a welcome push notification. A great way to make the most of this first impression is by giving these new subscribers a referral link.

While it doesn’t directly increase your subscribers, a referral can ensure your existing subscribers bring in more first-time visitors to your store and increase your chances of getting a new push notification subscriber.

By optimizing your customer’s interaction with your opt-in and creating more opportunities to increase your subscribers, you can accelerate the growth of your subscriber lists and ensure that you make the most of your well-crafted push notification campaigns.