Web Push Notification Campaign Ideas for Black Friday

BFCM is one of the busiest times for a store owner. With full-fledged marketing plans, numerous customer support requests, and inventory planning— the average store owner has too many things to get done in a short amount of time. But, we want to ensure that your store’s BFCM sale is a huge success.

Top Shopify Plus stores that use PushOwl have made more than $4K from just one web push notification about their Black Friday sale. Imagine how many sales you can generate from a well-planned web push notification strategy for your BFCM sale?

This is why we have put together this guide for BFCM marketing using web push notifications – right from ideating campaigns to crafting messages that maximize conversions. 

Top 3 Web Push Notifications Hacks for BFCM Marketing

1. Create hype around your BFCM sale  

One of the most important things you need to do during the BFCM sale is to create hype around the upcoming discounts. 

You could add a countdown to the announcement bar at the top of your storefront to give your store visitors a reason to subscribe to your updates. 

But the best way to get store visitors to subscribe is to ensure your flyout widget focuses on your upcoming sale. You can change the copy within your widget and bait visitors with your BFCM sale to make them subscribe. 

BFCM marketing

Alternatively, you can change the copy within your catchy overlay that appears with your browser prompt to let visitors know that by subscribing, they will be able to stay updated about when your BFCM sale will be live.

2. Experiment with the kind of promotions you run before your sale

During your BFCM sale, you want to hit it out of the park. But, how can you ensure your campaign’s revenues hit 6 digits if you haven’t perfected your web push strategy

That’s why you need to start testing months before BFCM, run different kinds of campaigns— from BOGO offers to flash sales to free shipping. 

Understand which promotions get more clicks from your shoppers and how you can optimize your web push copy to increase your click-throughs. 

Gather this data to see which promotions have the highest turnover in sales, and which kind of copy converts better. Create a campaign that your shoppers are more likely to interact with!

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3. Schedule your push campaigns in advance to focus on analytics

Crafting campaigns as your BFCM sale is running would be a time-consuming task, especially since you’d be more preoccupied with so many inventory and customer support tasks during the sale. 

Instead, you can schedule your different BFCM campaigns in advance. Ensure your marketing campaigns are running on time and that your strategy is optimized for conversions. Spend more time understanding customers and their purchase behavior to optimize your store and marketing efforts to bag more sales. 

But, to schedule all your campaigns in advance, you need to prepare them in advance too! So get all your campaign creatives, web push copy, and different concepts in place early on. 

Not sure what works best? 

Let’s dive into the different web push notification campaign ideas for BFCM marketing that gets you more sales.

Web Push Campaign Ideas for BFCM 

Pre BFCM: Set expectations

It’s 10 days before BFCM. 

This is the time people are seeing more ads online about deals around the corner.  Shoppers are also actively hunting for discounts and sales to bookmark with their wish lists ready. 

You can run a pre-BFCM sale to grab the interest of these deal-hunters. 

Send a web push campaign announcing this pre-sale. Use catchy hero images that feature products on sale to entice subscribers. Be sure to let them know that there’s more coming their way soon after! 

BFCM marketing

If you aren’t running any sales before BFCM, use this time to send out announcement campaigns reminding shoppers about your upcoming sale. 

Give all the details— when your sale starts, what the discount would be, whether stocks are limited. 

You can use this web push notification to direct subscribers to your BFCM landing page where they can subscribe to emails or even add items to their wishlist. 

During this 10 day period, send different kinds of campaigns to keep your subscribers interested. Here are a few:

1. Suggest wishlisting 

Ask subscribers to wishlist products they have their eye on so they don’t miss out on them in a rush. Additionally, you can offer an extra 10% for wishlist items. Read more about how you can get your wishlist items to checkout.

2. Product promotion

Offering a product range at a great price during BFCM? Let your subscribers know about it so they can be prepared to buy it during the sale. Don’t forget to flaunt the product’s features and emphasize why it’s loved by customers.

BFCM marketing

3. Engage subscribers who haven’t ever purchased or signed up

Entice your non-purchasing subscribers to get more involved with your store. For this, you can either provide them an offer like free shipping if they make a customer account on your store or if they wish list a few items they are interested in.

BFCM marketing

During BFCM: Send reminders

The first thing to do as soon as your sale starts is to send a push notification campaign letting subscribers know that your sale is live! 

Here’s how Mavi Jeans did it last year:

examples of good push notifications

These notification campaign ideas can make your subscribers come back to your store during your sale:

1. Mid-sale reminder

You can send another notification to your subscribers midway through the sale, reminding them that they have 24 hours left before the sale ends and to get them to rush to checkout.

BFCM marketing

2. Low stock alert

Set up a Shopify Flow that alerts subscribers about an item that is on their wishlist that has low stock. This highly-relevant automated notification will convert shoppers easily. Read how to set up this Shopify Flow workflow here.

BFCM marketing

3. Make customers feel special

Use your BFCM sale to make your previous customers feel special. Send a web push campaign to your “Identified Subscriber” list, giving them an exclusive offer that is only available to them. This can be free shipping, surprise gift, or even BOGO. 

BFCM marketing

4. Last chance

Send your last notification 6 hours before the sale ends. You can give your subscribers a “last chance” reminder to nudge them to finish their last-minute shopping. Grab more sales by tapping into the consumer psychology of impulse buying

BFCM marketing

5. Abandoned cart

With the large influx of visitors hunting for deals online, you’re likely to have many carts abandoned on your store. Combat this with a smart cart recovery sequence that aims to bring back these shoppers and nudges them to checkout. Read about setting up abandoned cart reminders with web push notifications.

BFCM marketing

Post BFCM: Give a chance to those who didn’t purchase

For some stores, their BFCM sale is still not over even after the sale weekend. 

Instead, these stores use this time to run a “Not too late sale” where shoppers who missed out on the sale during the weekend can play catch up and grab their favorite items despite missing out on the actual sale.

If your store is planning to run such a sale, set up your last BFCM web push campaign. Use copy that clearly states that this is an exception, where your subscribers have just 24 or 48 hours to make the most of your store’s discounts. 

Here’s a good example of a post BFCM notification:

BFCM marketing

Hero Images for your BFCM Web Push Campaigns

To make things easier for you, we’ve collected a few designs you can use as hero images for your web push notifications for BFCM. These designs are highly relevant to the sale and will increase the appeal of your notifications to your subscribers.

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You can find this collection of BFCM designs on Freepik here.

Good luck with your BFCM sale!